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Mini update.

The awkward moment when an otome game character has made my heart race faster than a real life man can. Wait. I mean like…. i have yet met someone real who could make my heart race. I am not talking about idols though. I am now a 100 percent an otome otaku, aren.t I? But … Continue reading

  • I have got my own reasons for not blogging any longer. In fact, I would love to do so, but as I grew up, the more I despised things around me.I am no longer the angelofdevotion filled with hopes and dreams, happiness, or that optimistic and cheerful girl. Because I am no longer that person anymore, I do not want to stain my blog with my dark side and negative thoughts....just yet.....I may return to become the same person once more, but lord knows when. I just want to say, the cause of the development of mine was from pure hatred from countless betrayals. And the more I meet humans, the more I hate them. I can clearly see through their fakeness and insincerity. But I probably won't go and chase after them with a chainsaw. The next time you see me update my post, please pray that I am brought back to the light, like I was in 2008. That pure-hearted, devoted little naive hopeless girl who wore those annoying rose-tinted glasses. As for now, see you next year.