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Collectivity vs Individuality

The night reigns as the visible God in the skies…
Angels……shines with its eternal light,
Under those skies, someone is smiling, laughing, crying,…..and falling in love.
Minna-san….. This is angelofdevotion desu
The classes I had these few weeks really brought several insights for me.
I felt like I have been exposed to so many things I didn’t know, even though it is things that I have to read by myself to understand the main concept, it is just GREAT to know more things that exist in the world.

I kinda feel that Asian studies had brought me into Anthropology, and makes me what to know MORE AND MORE of a country, not just in terms of literature or culture, but modern/contemporary society brings an actual idea of what society is like , and later how it might be a norm, or just fade away like a fad.

Writing an essay on Human Rights challenge me like a girl being afraid of heights, and had to jump down the cliff to save her own life. I need to jump and work on my essay when I know nothing on human rights, presuming how badly i have been exposed to those.

I do not claim that the places and countries i lived in had such high practices of human rights, it is more of a collective right in which indivduals would stick to the collective society rather than the what the individual really needs. Confucianism. This ideology has been embedded into my blood when I dont even recognize how Confucian I was.

I express my individuality, but I still stick to the group, not because I am afraid that i dont have a place to belong, but one needs to understand that if everything goes your way, you are the one being the anti-social, self-centered, egocentric person who no one needs in the society. Being an individual is great, but one needs to blend themselves in the society, if not, withdraw yourself, and be a hikikomori if you think everyone around you is not that great, compared to you

Of course, everyone has their own thoughts, but having too much individuality could more and less equals…stubbornness. In order to be in a society, one needs to open their minds and LISTEN to others. This is how the society works, a norm of the society, and being an extremist might really turn the society against you….You wouldn;t want to be hatred by millions… would you? Unless someone is trying to do something that the whole world is going to know. american remakes for example.

By being in a collective society does not mean you have lost an identity. Or does not mean you are a hypocrite. It rather means, you are socialized and could adapt to situations around you.

I am very much being in a collective society now. I respect thoughts, at least if that thought was yours from the start, yet it is still challenging for me to deal with my emotions. I am truly an emotional girl, and my emotions might even break my connection with reality.

I have been so serious have i?

Masters really had an affect on me after all…

Human rights essay…..I might express my personal thoughts on the next once after i completed a 3500 words on it.


Nekomimi-chan is sleeping now, she might write her explorations on our human world soon.
Until then.

Ja matte ….

This was angelofdevotion.



About angelofdevotion

Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


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