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Life’s a walking shadow….

The journal entry has nothing to do with William Shakespeare’s quote…. Advertisements


Once a person steps in your life, they should at least have a small impact in life, even though a very small amount, there sure be some part of you that the person had somehow influence you…..

Bizarre Japan: Miyazaki Tsutomu, the otaku killer

Honestly, Japan is indeed very very bizarre. Some of the incident have occurred were a big issue, and a good discourse. On 17th June, 2008, one could refer to Justice have been given to those whose young, innocent lives were lost.,…..About 20 years ago, a horrifying incident had occurred, probably as scandalous as the Kato … Continue reading

Leaving on a Jet plane

Yep.. That will be me! I am leaving in less than… 14 hours and soo… I would be in Thailand!! well….before I leave….I wanna comment on myself. First of all, i get to live by myself, and then I get to exprerience this kinda life I got used to it for a while, but its … Continue reading

Mash comedy….

I will marry Tegoshi Yuya After a wild honeymoon, We will settle down in Osaka in our fabulous Apartment. We will have 11 kid(s) together. Our family will zoom around in a white Honda. I will spend my days as a writer, and live happily ever after. I could die laughing

A rival’s revenge: To be racist.

In our world, living as homosapiens, being humans, we have eyes to see, ears to listen, mouth to speak, and hands to create. AND LASTLY, BRAINS to think something intellectual and does not show off one’s ignorance over something. Well then, let me jump into my topic. AGAIN… DO NOT FLAME ME. This is my … Continue reading

Tegomass on Domoto Kyoudai

Hurrah. I finally got online and watched the Domoto Kyoudai with Tegomasu today! So happy Since my Japanese is like so bad… I could understand very very few things that had happened. Tsuyoshi was saying something about Tegoshi’s face now and then, and about his TEGOSHI DESU pose… Like how Tegoshi made it so kawaii…and … Continue reading


If you always …..always……be there …….smiling back at me…. If you always sing for me with such beautiful voice…. If you would always be there…. I would pray… to never wake from that dream…….

Fiction: All Under Water

All Under Water Eva Veeravanitkul Nature has finally taken a revenge on us… What would Bangkok be in the next few decades? A short story..and prediction…of political and social satire…. All Under Water The taxi motorboat speed away from the condominium at Sukhumvit Road. It has once again, been an extremely hot day, exceeding 45 … Continue reading

40 reasons to love NEWS (more than DBSK)

Since I have to admit that my passion of DBSK HAS FADED…. I am not their fan…..I just listen to their music. I like them….but not as crazy as before. Why? Some reasons involving some fangirls made me so annoyed that i dont want to be involve. BUT… this is entirely my own inventions…so don;t … Continue reading