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Negative Thoughts, Can this bring happiness?

The dusk is once again arriving. Another day has end, another night to go, Each day ticks its time away, Once time had passed, it cannot be turned back, That is the truth of the universe. So spending each second and makes you smile, would be the best thing you could do to experiences the happiness of life. Good evening…. This is angelofdevotion.

I have been surfing the net for a while, and came to meet several negative people whom i guess should be a pity that they always feel hatred over someone, bash about them, and then create negative comments which brought them into a fight. How negative can that be? Like in the last post, I was saying the importance collectivity within the society will bring more peace than if one only express their individuality within the group that holds the same ideology. Do as if the Romans do, like the saying had always say, blend yourself into the society, and if you don;t like anything about it, expressing how much you hated something when the society like them, would kinda make you look like a taboo to the society.

Negatives thoughts are just so depressing….reading those comments from people, saying how much they hated someone,….such irrational reasons and they forgot to think that its all entertainment. If you hate a band, you dont go and bash them because there are fans of those as well.

I hated some band too… out of pure jealously. I think they are talented, but i am just so jealous of them being successful, and hated them for being so close to the person I admire, so my reasons for hating is jealously, but i still very much dont go out bashing them about their talents or looks, cause i believe i am going to be hated if i do that.

It’s just so sad that people are commenting and bashing on what they think is just strange. What is wrong with people writing fanfiction? or fanart? why do you have to be so against them? If you dont wanna see…. just dont look through it. Just ignore it as if it never exists… People like this are just making themselves upset on things that are irrevelant to their future. Fangirling does not make me gain a degree, but it makes me happy… and i dont make things that i like into something that i could be upset about. Its just so disappointed.

At least… be positive………and stop making other people upset with your comments, and stop upsetting yourself by taking small things into account. Those small things does not make a difference in the society, or the world, or help in global warming, so…..stop upsetting yourself..please.

Ijust hope things may be clam for both sides…..

Can world peace be achieved when people kept on being that negative?

Hai….. this was for today… angelofdevotion desu.


About angelofdevotion

Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


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