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The End of Creativity: Downfall of Hollywood and Capitalism

Angels made showers on the earth today again…
Is that angel the same one as the adorable blonde-dyed hair angel in Ai ai gasa PV?
Haa……Tegoshi really looks angelic…
Minna… for some reason,
My eyes fails to pull down its curtains,
My heart fails to relax,
My feelings fails to be calm….
My brain fails to stop working…

Minna…..Ohayo Gozaimasu.
angelofdevotion desu.

As early as I could recall, the very first movie (not cartoon) I watch was Edward Scissorhands.

This was the movie that made me fell in love with Johnny Depp for, lord know how many years, and i always loved Hollywood movies. They are so unique, so amazing, so entertainment, and actors who played on some movies are just incredibly good-looking.

That became a history now…ONLY Johnny Depp movies shall made me feel that way……

Right now, if you are a genius on the movies made by Hollywood, You may wonder how many movies are being remade from Asian movies. Since I am an Ultra-Asianistic ( an Asian who is proud of being an Asian, similar to Ultra-nationalistic, but plays on the bigger region), I was not happy about the fact that Hollywood is remaking those movies even though they have failed miserably.

Movies should not account on how much they made profit, cause it is the audiences who rates the movie. People might just watch their movies just to kill time. Nothing too precious. Working for less than an hour could get me the money to watch a movie. Nothing so important.so don;t get all excited that the profit you made equals people are enjoying it.

The very first movie i wastched that was remade was The Ring.
I loved the original version, and it was so frightening that could make me blind for a year then to watch Sadako climbing out of the TV to find me…(.but i became that Sadako later…..People sees me as her)
Unfortunately, the Americanized version was PURE RUBBISH.

In an Oriental context, supernatural beings does not ALWAYS a justification of why or what this happens. It is a mystery and one should not try too hard to find its rationality. Maybe it never exists. What Hollywood movies do is to find the rationality, and this makes less horror in the movie.

The point of a movie is to watch them and fear them, and let those ghosts play with your mind, everytime you walk in the dark alone, you wonder, is there anyone behind me? This is the effect of horro movies that are considered successful. Does the remades made me feel that? NOT ONE BIT.

Seeing how bad Hollywood remakes was, I tried to watch another remade, hoping it would be better.

The Grudge, the remade from Ju-On… the horror movie that made me feel Sadako was cuter. The american version was again a failure. An american girl went to look after this old obaasan and gets haunted by the ghost……then on the second movie, her sister came and meet the ghost. Edison dies in that red room… But It is still better than The Ring. At least it used multiple storylines like the original, I was feeling some positivity out of the movie. Not to mention, the ghost was Japanese, so was the kid, so was the setting, so was the director. That is the reason why it WAS BETTER compared to the Sadako wannabe in that well who was so angsty. Sadako had a reason, very deep avenge for someone….If you want to know, read the novel. You will understand.

The Departed the remade of Infernal Affairs, I am not a fan of Leo, nor Tony but these HK actors showed a more ENERGETIC and passion about the movie. The theme of this movie is not only about gangs, guns, betrayal…..it is about identity… the HK identity. Since 1984, HK people have been searching for their identity. Are they British, Chinese? or what? This is the kind of identity that HKs have asked themselves in fear that the Northerns would come to their place….and who will knows what gonna happen after 1997?

(If you want to know more about that identity issue watch ChungKing Express by Wong Kar Wai)

Both main characters are searching for that identity. Does Leo searched for his national identity?

Now, I would like to account of things that would shock fans.


The company that successfully destroyed Shutter and reproduced the directors; creativity, is making my worst nightmare into reality. Thanks to you.. If the death note falls into my hands… I don;t think you have a chance to even prepare candies for L. They would probably have been terminated. Considering “it was an unnecessary act”
Lucky, I don;t ….so please feel safe

According to the postmodernism theory, the reproducing of media is one of the things that shows the death of creativity, therefore, one reproduces what they think is cool which had already been done before, and recycle them once again. So…….does that shows the downfall of Hollywood? Asia which they had somehow view as an inferior to them, they are buying our movies because they ran out of ideas. HA HA. who is the superior now?

DragonBall will fail badly. GOKU is of a Chinese descent made into Japanese-like, and GOKU or WUKONG is an Asian language. How did it became American? Are you going to call Goku… George or something?

Entertainment is now all about profit, no longer about entertaining, not about arts, only but money.

Hollywood serves as the most evident example of capitalism.
How i wish Karl Marx would jump up from his grave to criticize on Hollywood.
What ever that guy has got to say, its so interesting.

Until then…..

This was angeofdevotion


About angelofdevotion

Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


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