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Bizarre Japan: Akihabara Murder Spree

During these three days, I switched on the Keyhole TV which streams Japanese TV online.
Not that I understand everything they say, but I could get like 10 percent of what they are saying but 90 percent comes entirely from the scenes they show. No matter what time I switched them on, they were broadcasting news on Akihabara murders.

Kato Tomhiro, age 25, went on the murderous stage, driving his truck rent from Shizuoka into pedestrians, later to rampage the street, stabbing people with this 13 cm survival knife. Seven people were killed, and 10 were injured….
It is NOT like this kind of accidents, to kill without a reason, just to kill with no reason, to kill because one is bored of life….is NEW. This incidents have occurred several times before, and some had been even more dreadful then this.

It is heartbreaking to see that such thing is happening in Japan. Is Japan not as safe as it claims to be? On my trip to Japan last summer, It was REALLY safe. I could walk in the YOyogi park in the late dark night, with my other two girl friends, and we were not afraid of anything, apart from the appearance of Sadako-alike girl.

Back to Kato, his emotions and murderous stage had brought not only those people who were attacked to lose their lives or be injured, but it deeply affected the people around them. Those people who were killed were young, old, and for sure, they did not want to die. Kato ended their lives with his own selfishness, killing because he was bored, killing because he claimed that anyone could die.

I read from one of the Japanese news site that he was an elite student from an elite school., but failed his entrance exams…..but that does not justify him in going to attack people randomly like this. Of course, he had failed in something he aimed for. What was behind that intentions rather saying he is bored?

This is such a eccentric case.
I express my greatest sorrow for those whose families are involved in this incident. Never would they have thought that this kind of incident would happen to people close to them.

Kato sent a message before he did the attack, and that performed it hours later. Did he do this, to just get death penalty? or was it just entirely because he was BORED?

Mamoru Takuma actually wanted death penalty, I thought.
(Will account on his incident later)

This incident adds up to the cases that Japan are having a moral decay within the society. Apart from enjo kosai, murdererous intentions, education system repressing students, suicides…..

Is this a wake up call for Japan to increase psychological workshops for students and people from time to time?

Between, I woke up real early, and saw Hey Say Jump and Kat Tun on the streaming TV…. kakkoii desu nee!

Hai angelofdevotion deshita


About angelofdevotion

Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


3 thoughts on “Bizarre Japan: Akihabara Murder Spree

  1. Yeah, I think japan goverment need to think about human mental once more. People really get stressed here by work and social environment. Need space to enjoy life.

    Posted by daruma | June 30, 2008, 12:48 pm
  2. yeah.. I’ve seen this in the news, it’s a sad one.. may God bless the souls of the victims..

    Posted by Cheah | July 15, 2008, 1:58 pm
  3. As a very much concerned person with Japanese & European roots I am really saddened about every kind of shocking news coming from Japan , especially those in which I can clearly recognize the dissolution of solidarity among familiy members, but also in the entire Japanese society. The Japanese nation (to which I myself belong) should become aware of the fact that in contrast to many other countries the effects of WWII have not ended, yet. Our lack of awareness of our deepest responsibility concerning the war crimes committed by our nation in nearly the whole Pacific region has distorted our view of life, which in turn definitely affects the development of our society since the end of the last lost war. Instead of honestly & sincerely apologizing by addressing to all the vicitimized individuals, people and whole nations, Japan (including our Constitution, Government, & the Imperial Familiy) has preferred to look away – hoping that everybody would simply “forget” the “undescribable, unutterable, or unspeakable incident forcibly influenced under unluckily hostile circumstances”. But, that is not all: Quite a lot of Japanese people are constantly complaining about the fact that none of our neighbours in East & Southeast Asia do really love the Japanese nation!… – So returning to our subject, why do the parents of Mr. Tomohiro Kato apologize before the TV cameras? Why are the medias in Japan always trying to detect very abstract “root causes” (like computer games & the whole internet) whenever an incredible crime has been committed, instead of acknowledging the fact that 25-year-old Mr. Kato is not a little boy any more? Whenever Japanese society has to deal with such uneasy topics, everybody is looking for explainable excuses, which definitely have nothing to do with humanity.

    Posted by Claude | August 1, 2008, 3:36 pm

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