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40 reasons to love NEWS (more than DBSK)

Since I have to admit that my passion of DBSK HAS FADED….
I am not their fan…..I just listen to their music. I like them….but not as crazy as before.
Why? Some reasons involving some fangirls made me so annoyed that i dont want to be involve.

BUT… this is entirely my own inventions…so don;t you flame me. It’s my blog after all….
I didn;t post this in a DBSK community so spare me.

so i made a list 40 reasons to love NEWS more then DBSK!

1) NEWS has six members. You get to fancy more boys.

3) All of them, except Koyama can do backflips.
4) I can understand their Japanese more than DBSK korean or Japanese.
5) TEGOMASS is debuted internationally, in Sweden. Miso soup!
6) Yamapi has been in the industry before he even reach puberty.
7) Koyama does GREAT MCs. I love his MCs with Nakamaru
8) In concerts, NEWS can fly!!!!!
9) In concerts, NEWS can wear very gayish clothings but still have the spirit to continue performing.
10) NEWS never really was promoted abroad….but you still see their CDs in shops.
11) All NEWS members are actors.
12) Ryo-sama has a sexy Kansai dialect.
13) Ryo-sama can kill with his poison tongue.
14) Yamapi had taken nude pics, and i find it really sexy. (Yunho should do tht too)
15) Tegoshi is the seiyuu for Happy feet!!! (I downloaded the Jap version to listen to him)
16) Tegoshi can win anyone with his comment, “Bye Bye Koneko-chan!”
17) Tegoshi is just so pretty. I wish I can be as pretty as him, without any plastic surgery. (OOPS)
18) Yamapi has beautiful BIG eyes. He didn;t need plastic surgery either! (OOPS)
19) Yamapi starred in like numbers of dramas….and released a movie……how kakkoii
20) Masuda loves to eat. I do too.
21) Masuda’s hands while singing is priceless…..
22) Shige’s stripping in Shounen club is damn cool.
23) Tegoshi’s voice can reach my soul and make me cry.
24) They can be idols, as well as comedians.
25) They dances well, i like their graceful movements (But i think DBSK dances are awesome)
26) The summary concerts are just so cool. Skit plus concerts.
27) Ryo-sama can act in violence scenes that shocked me….Dv are scary.
28) They are so feminine and I have a fetish for feminine boys (without plastic surgery)
29) They have very cool senpai. KimuTaku is God. Tegoshi will be next.
30) Tegoshi only has 8 months to train before debuting. He doesn’t need years to do that.
31) Tegoshi can snowboard really well. Watch Itte q.
32) Masuda can be very awkward in his jokes. That is why I like him.
33) Shige’s smart look plus he studies law…in a good uni. That totally rocks.
34) Koyama acts in musical shows. And take care of his kohais. Such a good senpai.
35) NEWS hardly gets involve with other girls band. Thanks to Johnny. I only love Boybands.
36) Back then, Koyama can skate and sing.
37) They could cosplay. Masuda and Yamapi’s Pikachu, Koyama as cheerleader, Shige as geisha, Tegoshi as hime-sama…….COSPLAY ROCKS!

38) They are Johnny’s production. They better be good.
39) They at least speak a language I could understand some words.

40) HALF of my hard disk features JE boys, and of course most of them are NEWS .

I get annoyed when people say Tegoshi can;t sing.
I really can;t stand people criticizing him..
I know he is not perfect, but then, you know, if you can sing better then beat him.
Don;t compare him to DBSK cause never has they made me cry.
Tegoshi’s voice made me cry…..

Anyway. The fun post today!
Tegoshi-kun ga daisuki yo!

He can be sexy…..

Angelofdevotion deshita!

PS…. i FORGOT TO MENTION…. JOHNNY-SAMA IS SO INFLUENTIAL AND POWERFUL…….SO….NEWS IS DEFINETELY BY NO ARGUMENT MORE POPULAR THEN TOHOSHINKI……(cause they have different markets. thsk focused on ajuumas. JE focused on …..on girls and those fujoshi like me)


Dear flamers,

When i say I don;t like DBSK as much as i do because of some fangirls, i didn’t mention any name. Don;t assume it is every existing fangirl that i am mentioning about. Please define SOME properly.

When i am praising everything about NEWS i didn’t really compare directly to DBSK. I was singing the reasons WHY i love NEWS. But of course I like NEWS more than DBSK, SO I justify my reasons why i think NEWS is more appealing to ME.

When i mention about the boys’ good looks without plastic surgery….i mean it. I didn’t utter anyone’s name about having plastic to look good. SO….that’s ur own fault of thinking who it is.

When i say i understand NEWS japanese…. DUH… it is native kanto accent. I don;t understand Japanese that well… even worse, it is my own fault to can;t understand japanese in a foreign accent. I am blaming myself. Not anyone else

When i say NEWS are more famous, I mean in term of the Japanese market not the WHOLE WORLD. I study on the Japanese music industry so don;t assume Japan equals the world. Johnny-sama only rules in Japan… so i didn;t say NEWS IS MORE POPULAR THEN DBSK ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD BUT I SAY NEWS IS MORE POPULAR IN JAPAN…

so if you have another things to debate with me, please do so.
If you take this so seriously, I think you should calm down and donate some money to unicef…
This debate will not get anywhere anyway. I made myself clear that its my opinion.

Those who has their comments deleted, which means I am addressing this to you.

Your immature acts and argument will then make u seem like the fangirl who fights for the celebrity without standing on the ground of reality.

This is not a political issue that should be taken so seriously….
so chill and have FUN reading……stop being too serious.


About angelofdevotion

Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


18 thoughts on “40 reasons to love NEWS (more than DBSK)

  1. awwww… that’s like a stab in the gut. I love both NewS and DBSK equally!!! this was fun to read though. =] though it hurts a little. Did you ever watch DBSK proud live video? That made me cry.

    Posted by ami | July 19, 2008, 10:34 am
  2. OMG, I know how you feel @_@ but in my case it was DBSK and Hey! Say! JUMP XD
    But yeah… I dunno how my fangirly-ness for DBSK faded… I still listen to them but like you said… I don’t update myself with DBSK things anymore

    and yeah! I so agree with your number four
    I could never understand the Korean language even if I listened to it for so long @_@ (I know Anime Japanese XD)

    Posted by Lothringen | August 1, 2008, 11:54 am
  3. I happened to pass by your site D:

    I don’t really know/listen to DBSK so .. yeah. Lol.

    But I’d have to agree, although I don’t cry listening to Tegoshi sing, it sends chill down my spine and then I realize my goosebumps are out -.- and I get some sort of adrenaline rush whenever I listen to him singing. The other singer who made me felt the same way was .. I can’t even remember who. Whitney Houston maybe? I think he can really sing. D: AND yay for ‘Tegoshi can skateboard’! He looked so cool there. Haha. I’m Tego and Ryo biased. Geez. Sorry for this long comment x)

    Oh btw, about number 16, where and when did Tegoshi say that?

    Have a great day!

    TEGO IS GOD INDEED! *runs away*

    Posted by Christy | September 15, 2008, 7:21 pm
  4. It was a news report on their concert desu!!!
    Here.. the koneko-chan clip

    Posted by angelofdevotion | September 15, 2008, 7:32 pm
  5. aw. you got flamed.
    I was a huge DBSK fangirl but my passion faded now I am just a fan.
    I love their music alot and still listen to it.

    I am in love with NEWS right now, their music isn’t my cup of tea, and their singing is sometimes cringe worthy but I love them. I don’t know why but I do, they appeal to me.

    Kpop these days are filled with ignorant fangirls but I am not the one to talk since I can be one too … hehe.

    Posted by tee | September 16, 2008, 6:51 am
  6. ok i was lead here through your link on one of the news_jpop member post and I have to say that this line ’29) They have very cool senpai. KimuTaku is God. Tegoshi will be next.’ is TOTAL WIN.

    Yes, Tegoshi shall be next!!! =DDD

    And yeah I agree about DBSK songs not being able to make one cry. Ai Nante totally sent shivers down my spine and tears to me eyes. Tegoshi’s voice was just so raw in there.

    I do kinda like DBSK though not so into them and only watches clips and songs my friends pass to me but the fangirls are insane. TBH, all korean fandoms scares the hell out of me. They are so vicious *shudders*

    And JE totally pwns DBSK in Japan. Heck, JE owns Japan lol. Srsly, when would they get that.

    And omg don’t get me started on Tego’s byebye koneko-chan. *swoons*

    Posted by hana | September 16, 2008, 11:48 am
  7. I like number 20 =]..i do too!!

    Posted by Cassidy | September 25, 2008, 2:30 pm
  8. I have to admit, I’m a big DBSK fan girl. I don’t stalk them ’cause I live in the US and I like to be a realistic NON-PSYCHO fan, but I love them and watch all their videos lol. Anyway, the main reason I’m posting here is that I agree with what you’re saying about a lot of the list for why you like NEWS, so YEAH.
    Don’t grill her ’cause she likes NEWS more than DBSK, you shouldn’t need a reason to either, it’s all a matter of opinion. I just happen to like DBSK better. ^-^
    Oh and I totally agree with ami, I was like sobbing when I saw DBSK’s live perf of Proud. XD

    Posted by Jessica | December 1, 2008, 11:28 am
  9. i feel the same way. those 6 boys are really special! i discovered kpop and korean idols waaaaay before i got to know any JE idols. theyre nice and all but most of their fans are crazily obsessed to the point of being deaf and blind to their shortcomings and bash other bands all the time. I left all the korean fandoms for the same reason, their fans. NEWS fans make fun of NEWS all the time but thats cos we r fond of them. Most JE fans have a good sense of humor and i like that.

    dbsk and other kpop bands are hot and all but they dont really touch my heart not like NEWS and other je bands. for me its not abt music or even looks, its abt how they make me feel happy. and people who say tego cant sing are deaf cos he obviously can and he has made me cry too. he does go off pitch at times but he is working hard at it cos he is consistently improvin with every new performance. he still has a long way to go though but him having come THIS far in a short period of time is really impressive! I hope NEWS can grow to become as famous as Arashi in the future, they just need to work a bit harder as a group rather than individual stars.

    as for dbsk competin with any je band in japan its just impossible! its like boa trying to compete with britney spears, also impossible. japan is the worlds second largest music industry so im satisfied with NEWS continuing to do well in Japan and only Japan, Tegomasu too.

    Posted by Nao | February 1, 2009, 12:45 am
  10. I was browsing around and came across this post. i totally love your “Kimutaku is God. Tegoshi will be next”. So apt…lolz. Actually, I was into DBSK again right now. I said again coz there was a time when I quit the fandom. That was when I discovered Yamapi and NEWS (and Shige stole my heart when I read his Myojo essays XD). Then came KAT-TUN because I simply swoon everytime I see Ueda…lolz. I still believe that both NEWS and KAT-TUN are awesome but in the meantime, DBSK got my attention again (after I rediscovered Yoochun and his sexy self…lolz). Based on my experience, I get really carried away when a certain celebrity catches my attention but after several years in the fandom, the novelty fades and another star gets my attention.

    As to your comment that DBSK failed to make you cry, maybe their Proud performance might make you a bit misty eyed. It kinda sent shivers to my spine like the way NEWS made me teary-eyed when I watched them sing during their comeback concert in Sendai. But when it comes to Tegoshi’s voice, I must say he’s the only reason why I want to listen to NEWS’ songs. He’s not my favorite (Shige still is) but his voice is simply awesome!!! My greatest wish really is for Tegoshi, Jin, and Jaejoong (or maybe Junsu) to sing together. That would totally kill me XD.

    Posted by roughmetal2 | February 5, 2009, 11:25 pm
  11. Yah!!..I really don’t know but I’m in the same shoe as you…i can’t help to leave a comment coz I really connected to your story Angelofdevotion..really tha same as me….coz I’m a Dbsk fan before but It just turned out that I accidentally fall in love with Arashi..God, JE boys are sooo addicting….I don’t know…I like Dbsk but they don’t pulled my heart like Arashi did…I will certainly choose them over any artist anytime anyday…..and Yes Dbsk can impressed everybody but JE boys are loved in diff. ways..you know what I mean as a fangirl…..I loved all Arashi but I love Sho Sakurai the most..he really influenced me to study very well…and the way he writes his rap lyrics just soo fall to him even more coz it’s soo meaningful and full of inspiration…..I love all JE’s even the subgroups in JE..i’ve learned to love them all..But my most favorite are Arashi and News…in News, I love Shige the most coz of he’s appearance…he looks Kakkoi to my eyes…and plus his smile it really stand out to me!!!…really JE boys are loved…Johnny-san really knows how to capture girls hearts!!

    Posted by meg | March 8, 2009, 10:06 am
  12. funny how we’re opposites.

    you went from dbsk fandom to JE fandom and i went from JE -> dbsk. lol.

    Posted by amanda | April 12, 2009, 11:01 am
  13. Hi! I just passed through this site seeing a pic of Tego-chan, but I got more interested on your post on “40 Reasons to love NEWS (more than DBSK).

    I am Tegoshi biased but I was REALLY REALLY surprised that there are people who say that TEGO-CHAN CAN’T SING?? OMG! I guess they need to find a doctor and have their ears checked! >_< Whenever I listen to songs of NEWS, I could distinguish which voice is Tego-chan’s. Also, he sing lines in which when you listen to it, you’ll never forget it! Like with Ai Nante, it really made me cry and got chills and Koi no ABO when he sang the lines with a high note there. OMG! Even in TegoMassu! I really can’t take off my headset listening to their songs whenever I can!

    I also love this:
    29) They have very cool senpai. KimuTaku is God. Tegoshi will be next.
    30) Tegoshi only has 8 months to train before debuting. He doesn’t need years to do that.
    31) Tegoshi can snowboard really well. Watch Itte q.

    So true! Tego-chan should be the next! 🙂 He’s so cool and smart and intelligent (2. NEWS MEMBERS ARE INTELLIGENT! Yamapi and Koyama in in Meiji Uni, Shige in Aoyama…TEGOSHI IN WASEDA AND IT IS NOT EASY TO GET IN WASEDA.! HE IS INTELLIGENT!) Also with 23) Tegoshi’s voice can reach my soul and make me cry. and 17) Tegoshi is just so pretty. I wish I can be as pretty as him, without any plastic surgery. (OOPS) I strongly agree with this!! Most Korean singers/artists/actors really undergo plastic surgery to look better. I’ve never been into Korean pop though I only liked things about Kkotboda Namja (Korean version of Hana Yori Dango) though I still love the Japanese version (nothing beats the original)!

    I’m so sorry for the long comment but I was really annoyed on those fans of Korean groups which is really hurting their idols because of their ignorance and craziness and immaturity.

    Is it okay if I link you on my LJ blog? This post is really interesting. 🙂

    Spread the Tego-chan Love~! ❤

    Posted by Lily | May 4, 2009, 1:59 am

    Posted by wafae | November 15, 2009, 6:34 pm

    Posted by WAFA SAKURA | November 15, 2009, 6:39 pm
    But I wish success for JYJ!

    At any rate, it’s somewhat impossible for DBSK (or any kpop band, for that matter) to surpass the JE boys in Japan. I SAID IN JAPAN!
    This is because Japan is basically self-functional-they don’t really need to have foreign artists in Japan. Not that they don’t accept them, but to each their own.

    angel-san~I’m sorry you got flamed. Some Kpop fans are scary.


    Posted by wagahaiwaneko | August 11, 2010, 3:40 am
  17. Wow I found out this post while insanely searching for Tegoshi/Tegomass’s clip on google. It has just a few days since I discovered Tegomass but during those few days I have watched almost all of their clip available of the net and now I’m searching for their HD performaces (It has costed me about 30GB in just mere few days…

    Actually I like Tegomass rather than News, cause their songs are totally my taste and Tegoshi’ve voice touches my soul. No offense to News but I have been a Kpopper for 8 years, and in MY OPINION, Jpop idols can not beat Kpop Idols in terms of singing, dancing and performing live. But it is the opposite when it comes to ACTING since most of Kpop idols don’t act that well.

    I’ve been a DBSK’s fan since 8 years ago when I started listening to Kpop, and now they are still my number 1 – unbeatable and irreplaceable love in my heart. They are perfect as singers (handsome, amazing vocals and dancing skill). But the second place would go to Tegomass/Tegoshi LOL. Although I am a fan of Jaejoong but I don’t really like listening to his solo songs (the only one I may like is his solo of MAZE)but I listen to Tegoshi’s solo EVERYDAY. I also really like Pi after watching his dramas, but his singing and dancing don’t really amaze me (He used to be my number 2 though, now its Tegoshi :x)

    I totally understand your feeling since Jpop is like your home as Kpop is mine and I don’t know that much about Jpop except for some JE groups, but I do love Kpop ballads. I dont think there would be any group as perfect as DBSK (unless any Idol group being able to cover DBSK’s BOLERO song, I’ll reconsider LOL)

    Posted by Visualshock | May 30, 2011, 4:43 pm
  18. No more. no less.
    Nods to everything you say! I love NEWS. 😀

    Posted by Yumi Yoshida (@janelleangel011) | August 15, 2011, 12:27 pm

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