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The Senpai and Kohai of Johnny’s Entertainment.

Johnny’s Entertainment had been the pretty boy factory for more than forty years…..
And this is before I was even born….JE have been part of the Japanese popular culture.
SMAP debuted in 1991, when i was only four years old!
So I never knew much about Japan in the 90s but while researching on popular media in Japan, I realised that JE has loads of responsibilities in shaping the pop culture.

One thing that surpised me most……..Kimura Takuya just appeared in like 50 percent of my research…..
I wasn;t into Japanese pop when i was 8 years old, so I did not know how much KimuTaku had contribute to the modern Japanese society. This caused the rise of the Kimuta-ko, a man who imitates KimuTaku’s fashion.

This senpai really inspires other senpais of JE. From Kinki Kids, Tokio, V6, (which I am not too familiar with) was following SMAP’s footsteps. And that all of them was indeed VERY popular. Does Johnny-sama teach marketing too?? Perhaps I can learn some marketing skills from him. How did he create such high rating idols with such talents? I am sure no other country would be able to do that.

Not to mention KPOP, I am sure they are very good dancers and singers as well…….

BUT they can;t do back flipS. They don’t fly in concerts. This is what makes JE boys so wonderful. They are talented even in gymnastic. Who says gymnastic could not be used in concerts? Who cares if it looks like a circus? Can any idols in any countries stand up and prove they are better?

Now, to the group of the senpais I am most familiar with! ARASHI, TACKEY TSUBASA, NEWS, KAT-TUN, KANJANI 8,….

I watched them in shounen club, in heyx3 and they are just so charismatic. They have a unique story to share, have some personalities to expose, and watching them makes me feel so seishun. Well…..apparently, I am the same age as Kamenashi Kazuya, Mr. Sexy Man who could make me drool with his erotic dances…I am more connected with KAT-TUN and NEWS or maybe K8….

Yamashita Tomohisa is also really really talented. I have seen him as a little boy…. who is older than me by one year, and he appeared in so many magazines i have back then. Tackey and Yamapi were like so close. Those young days…..those happy innocent moments…….Natsukashii naa..

Tegoshi Yuya. I just have to mention him, because he is the number one JE in my list.
He entered JE for only 8 months, and debuted right away……Because his voice is just so appealing.
His voice can really reached to souls…. especially touched my soul alot.

Now…………I feel really really old.


omg……I am so old. Being 21 years I can harder imagine such beautiful young kids who was once the same age as Yamapi have debuted and let been on the Oricon charts…….kakkoii ne

This made me feel…. damn, I am old……wrinkles will appear soon….
But i would NEVER stop supporting those boys. Even though I can;t remember their names…..
Chinen, Yamada, Inoo, Hikaru, Yuta….Yuuya,,,ano…..that it all i can remember so far.
But then you see they are the youngest now, Yamapi used to be as young as that, but soon in five years, they will all be young adults, ( and i will be 26) they would be the senpais of other kohais.

You may wonder…..WTF. what is the point of this??

Well……you see how time flies….Once you step forward, there is no way turning back time.
YOU can never always be young and carefree… One needs to grow, and other younger ones may replace you.
Would the younger ones steal your light?

I think people have different lights to shine.
Tegoshi Yuya honestly feared that he would not have that light…
But he is shining so brightly that sometimes, he seems so unreachable.

Those Heisei boys will grow that light……and they will share that light with those who hasn;t debut….

I just hope……if i ever had a son.. (WHICH i need to find a dad) I would really want him in JE.


I mean…..honestly, I do.

I am not kidding. I am dead serious.


thts for today…angelofdevotion deshita.


About angelofdevotion

Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


3 thoughts on “The Senpai and Kohai of Johnny’s Entertainment.

  1. Yep, JE freaking rocks! O__O

    Posted by irapehellokitty | August 26, 2008, 1:32 pm
  2. hmm u don’t want wrinkles? i can recommend u to eat some natural anti-ageing products!

    Posted by renaye | September 15, 2008, 3:56 pm
  3. i agree with you. When I was a kid i used to think that boybands like Boyzone, Westlife and Backstreet boys (at this age I still dont know anything about JE guys) but now that i am fangirling over JE guys, I feel old know whenever i see those Hey Say Jump kids LOL. I am just 20 years old, what am I thinking? But these kids are so fresh that I feel that way. I also cant believe how these kids already debuted when at that age Yamapi was still playing with Tackey and shining as a johnnys jr. it is really funny how times fly ne. But as for me I will always support these JE guys especially Yamapi. I wonder who would be the next JE guys, who will debut in the future….

    Posted by kimluvpi0409 | October 19, 2008, 1:22 pm

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