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A rival’s revenge: To be racist.

In our world, living as homosapiens, being humans, we have eyes to see, ears to listen, mouth to speak, and hands to create. AND LASTLY, BRAINS to think something intellectual and does not show off one’s ignorance over something.

Well then, let me jump into my topic.

AGAIN… DO NOT FLAME ME. This is my blog so i could say what I think is right and most humane.

I am not a football/soccer fan, though I could watch it… might fall asleep, but I won’t not die watching it, i still feel something towards soccer players who are actually very very valuable and very talented, sent to another nation’s team to take part in large matches, well, that is impressive, isn’t it?

However, when someone who is different, in nationality, for example is in a team, the rivals always pick on that talented but different player in the opposing team to insult or tease him. One should not even utter a word of  “kidding” at all. I call this not kidding, but RACIST.

Nakamura Shunsuke is indeed an extremely talented footballer, who is motivated, and also contributes well to whatever matches he plays. But why does some opposing team needs to use his nationality to insult him, and without further research on which nation eats what type of food, they uses their mighty ignorant and stupidity to insult Nakamura-san in writing signs “Nakamura ate my dog” and stuff.

Ano -sa Wake up, boys.

Reality check….How many percent does Japanese eat dogs? It is not in their history to eat dogs.   did you see Nakamura-san eat dogs? No ………so what right do they have to insult him. This shows that they are not very smart. in other words, they are so ________. They are using their emotions to express their  lack of general knowledge and would then happily put a shame on their nation. How low is that?

This is even funnier than little kids i teach who accused their opposing teams…. YOU ARE CHEATING!

But you know they are 8 years old kids who would eventually grow OUT of it.
But you can still see those grown ups who do that. That means either you have a mind of an 8 years old, or you don’t accept reality. (which is so damn sad….God must really love these people… there are so many of them)

Why do they need to attack on Nakamura-san by singing such silly songs and holding up banners like this, it annoys me..really. Come on, if your team is not as good, or didn;t have that talent compared to another, the best way is to ACCEPT IT. (THINK ITS A DESTINY)

Don;t go an insult another just because of that, and use such ugly comments on them. This is a matter of rascism. Not to tease or to kid around with..

I would like to then love to see banners put up instead, “OMFG—THOSE PPL…ARE SO FREAKIN’ IGNORANT….GO BACK TO YEAR 3” and stuff. But i wouldn’t cause i think I am far too intellectual to cope with those people. I respect people’s talents, even if its my rival, I respect their talents (if they have one) but I dont go on and insult them because where they came from!

That dog eating part is just so silly.
Where did u get that Japanese eats dogs?
Some do, not not a majority, therefore should I say……
Before insulting someone, one should RESEARCH ….

then it will show that you are really intellectual, and you could justify why that particular person is not as good as you…and stuff…


Things like this have been annoying me.

angelofdevotion deshita.


About angelofdevotion

Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


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