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Tegomass on Domoto Kyoudai


I finally got online and watched the Domoto Kyoudai with Tegomasu today!

So happy

Since my Japanese is like so bad…

I could understand very very few things that had happened.

Tsuyoshi was saying something about Tegoshi’s face now and then, and about his TEGOSHI DESU pose…
Like how Tegoshi made it so kawaii…and Massu doesn;t has a pose, so Koichi gave him one silly pose….really silly hahaha
and Kyoko gave him another kawaii one… they had to do the Massu desu…Tegoshi desu.. Tegomass desu
and its super cute, i was kyaing all the time.

The questions? haha trust me. I dont get most of them. But at least. I get to see Tegoshi!

Shige popped up and talked about the KY which is …..i don;t know wht it is…
But Massu was really funny today… he even say sukidesu on one of the questions and stuff…

Tegoshi’s drawing skills……are like….._________________

he drew a rhino which looks to me like a …..dinosaur
Massu was better in drawing though…
But i really love Tsuyoshi’s drawing. He drew like some flowery images all over.. so cool.. haha

they got to draw kyoko too… and tsuyoshi’s was again really cute!

yeah… just happy that i watched them.. and the program didnlt kicked me out as it kicked me when i was watching my dear Nishikido hitting some girl.

angelofdevotion deshita


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Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


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