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Once a person steps in your life, they should at least have a small impact in life, even though a very small amount, there sure be some part of you that the person had somehow influence you…..

Went to the reunion on Friday< it was actually really good.
I met people who i haven’t seen for years……and i was really pleased to meet them after so many years!

People really have changed a lot. Perhaps their personality haven’t but sure they looked different then they were before, and they sure had changed their views of the world, their knowledge, they all at least matured at some point.

To think if i have changed, I sure did but usually in how i view the world.
I am still the hopeless romantic girl who loves to write poems and lyrics, singing for the one I really like, but then one thing that changed about me is how i view this world. I became more philosophical, and always have deep thoughts and analyze things around. I hardly care about anything, but then I am quite happy the way i am now.

I might be emotional, but i learn to control them better, revenge is at last not the way one should do… if you learn to let go of something, you will be happier. If you meet someone who you don;t like from the past, don;t let it get in your way of future. Those people does not worth making you feel angry…..that will cause wrinkles.

If you face someone you like in the past, I guess you still feel that at least once in your lifetime, you felt something wonderful within…then at least once in your lifetime, you learn to appreciate another, which is indeed better then hating.

Do you feel annoyed when someone reveals your embarrassing past?
Well… actually i do a bit, just that I have made that decision when i was younger so i can’t change anything about that. This will only teach me to think further, whatever i do, i should keep it to myself to avoid conflicts in the future.

High school…. high school blues
Once in our lives we meet wonderful friends….
Bad boys, mean girls, the popular, the cool, the nerds, the jock…whatever…
But when we reached our maturity age, we all will be successful if we grow out from it.
Where ever i will stand right now, even though I am kinda successful in studies and stuff…
i was not successful in..*cough* love.
But who cares… i still have a few more years. Just hope i won;t turn 30 before i find that someone special.
Meantime, liking idols will make me feel inspired….
I always have to like someone for inspiration….
Honestly……high school was the best inspiration ever….
Right now…. I have been inspired much by Tegoshi, but then I feel like a total masochist while dedicating poems to him! hahaha

well… until then.

angelofdevotion deshita


About angelofdevotion

Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


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