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The throne of Japanese music industry…Will always be Johnny-sama

I wrote this post after reading 2345621355325 posts about DBSK in Japan, and how they DID NOT appear in Music Station because JE is in power. Yes. JE is in power. Johnny-sama is still on his throne, his boys will be promoted more than anyone else in Japan, his boys will sell more then any … Continue reading

Internet: A place where freedom of speech lies

Well then, I am no where in surprise that they are indeed so many people around the world who really dont understand the freedom of speech…and moreover…. having negative thoughts on people’s opinion…..and that they analyze their own ideas from their fanatic of celebrities until they fail to realise the real content. Listen here… I … Continue reading

Anniversary to JAL 2007!

WOW! It has been one year since I have been to Japan under the JAL scholarship! TIME FLIES! I wish i was back at those days when I can really really express myself as NYAKO-CHAN …… Oh Happy Birthday Masuda Takahisa and Akanishi Jin! Hope you have an awesome year!!! Well..I really miss those moments … Continue reading