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Internet: A place where freedom of speech lies

Well then, I am no where in surprise that they are indeed so many people around the world who really dont understand the freedom of speech…and moreover…. having negative thoughts on people’s opinion…..and that they analyze their own ideas from their fanatic of celebrities until they fail to realise the real content.

Listen here… I have every existing DBSK albums and singles and every clip i could find, yet i never did say anything bad about them. I was just saying how i PREFER which means I AS IN THE AUTHOR PREFER NEWS more than DBSK, so i wrote the]at 40 reasons of MY THOUGHTS of why NEWS to me is more important than DBSK…


If you think i did, probably it was your incorrect interpretations but things that i say were never an insult to DBSK. I respect their talents of course, just that to me, NEWS is more important, would the government kill me for that? Probably Not.

So Since its my blog, and i could publicized it, as much as i wanted to,
I did not declare a war in Iraq, cause global warming or ice melting on the north and south pole, or is the main cause of the earthquake in China,
so if you could not accept my facts on why I love NEWS more than DBSK, too bad.

It is my personal choice… just like people have their personal choice to vote someone for the leader of the country. so i end my post with this.

If you don;t like what i say, i really can;t help it.
Be mature and accept other people’s ideas and opinions…
The world does not exists to serve your ideas and what you like.
There are several people in the world who does not think like you, or like as you do.
for nearly 22 years, i have met these incidents in life.

Try taking DEBATE 101.
Understand the world from the other side.



About angelofdevotion

Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


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