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The root of the problem.

Ever since I grew up, I became a person who look at the root of the problem. Yes. And it seems that someone who is much older and experienced then me failed to do that. Someone knew he was the root of the problem, causing so many protests against him, so many demonstrations to oppose … Continue reading

Yagira Yuya’s suicide attempt?

http://www.tokyograph.com/news/id-3710 This is taken from Tokyograph Reports have come in that 18-year-old actor Yuya Yagira was hospitalized early Friday morning after an apparent suicide attempt. Yagira had attempted to overdose on drugs in his Tokyo apartment, but someone called emergency assistance and he was taken to a hospital. His condition is said to currently be … Continue reading

Propaganda, A land without justice…. and the runaway criminal

Yes….After a whole loads of romantic writings I have been doing…. I decided to get a bit serious in this post…. I felt that I betrayed my penname which i used to only write. I have been revealing about my poetic side with the angelofdevotion name, and left my penname alone…She must be really upset … Continue reading

Return of the cover songs

I really love to sing…….even though my voice is NOT that good… I tried my best desu! The Ai Nante song of Tegoshi is sooo good…. So I decided to abuse it. By singing it. Hahaha There are no instruments…. My voice is apparently quite high… so The real song will make my voice disappear……by … Continue reading

Being Without You

Back with more lyrics! Since I am not used to write adult themes or adult love songs…. (adult as in mature, not adult in a perverted way) I am going to stick to my romanticist side so it would not be a downfall like “going to the club and saw you sipping from the glass … Continue reading

New look!!

Made a new look to my blog!!! I don;t know why I love black soooo much…. And it totally contrast with Tegoshi’s angelic banner well if you really analyze it deep enough, BASICALLY, TEGOSHI is the sky, the light which shines out so brightly…. my world is in darkness… and my words of a total … Continue reading

Unheard Voice

It is my super “wanting to write poem so much that i had to write one no matter how busy i am” stage of life. Since I am being inspired… why not? Right? Okay… Sitting by the window, Watching the sunset Viewing the last beam of sunlight that shines the sky today The stars are … Continue reading

Why should I let you go?

This is my inspiration to write some lyrics, without melody…just yet haha ____________________ The lights of the city brightens Inviting dusk to reign the skies Walking in the club to meet you again, I saw you sitting there Sipping from the glass of wine… I could not hold my smile any longer, With the sight … Continue reading

The Battle with myself…

Well….at first, I thought Tegoshi……(again) was so much liked by people He just has to appear in the top voting chart of J-spy magazine in Thailand.. and i am surprised some people didn’t like him….. I find myself in him. Self-centered, spoiled, animated, romanticist, no afraid to express those cheesy lines…. Well… That is what … Continue reading

Shine~ Dedication to a Shining Star

Well, through all the hardships that an idol has to face, from how he has to feel awkward in a group, when he had just entered the circle for 10 months, to how much he shines right now, he had faced such experiences.. that had made him stronger, brighter and shine brightly in the sky… … Continue reading