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Qualified ISO Products

Before anything happens to me in the new future,
I would have to remind this to myself.
When choosing a product to buy and stuff. You definitely gonna choose thing of a qualified product with a price that could make you look good along with that product.
So accessories are just accessories. But when it comes to choosing someone who would walk beside you from the moment you wear the ring til’ your soul leaves the human world, (unless you divorce)
YOU must choose a well-qualified product that suits your standards.

Intellligence, Education, Wealth, and Status in society. But of course, LOOKS are so damn important.

1) MUST graduate from a prestige university, with good grades. I have always been in prestiges schools and universities. So I need to have someone with that prestige education background.

2)Language skills, English is a MUST. I have mostly English speaking friends. If someone speaks bad english will degrade my standard of choosing a good English speaker. Speaking good english does not mean he must be a native speaker.

3) Honestly, I only like Asians. They can be an individual in a collective society, and understands what is means by RESPECTING, HONOURING and understand the SENPAI-KOHAI (senior-junior) relationship. But being too Asian is boring. I want them to treat women as an equal.

4) I like intellectual discussions. But It would be boring if it was 24/7. That person must be able to discuss intellectually. Or share his great experiences with me. I love conversations that involve humour.

5) I have the best lifestyle ever. My parents gave me all the comfort without spoiling me too much, so I better be like this even i move out. I am NEVER going to be a housewife. I didnt get into a prestige uni with a Masters TO BE A HOUSEWIFE.

6) Status… My social status is pretty high. Not like high society, but at least, I am not a middle class, but an upper middle business class . Class equals to how much money you have though. so yeah … someone from this rank of society.

7) Looks, I am a lookist. So that guy is not as handsome as Yamapi, or cool like Ryo, or sweet like Tegoshi, or loving like Masuda, I proabably not go for them at all. ( This kinda means I don;t want anyone)

8) Be kind like Kaname, cool like Zero, strong like Ichigo, smart like Ishida, romantic like Tegoshi, goes on…

9) Could at least be REASONABLE and Rational…….I am a girl who listens to reasons. so tell me your reasons and I shall use my brain instead of my heart to judge one.

And ofcourse chances of finding one is……ZERO!!

Their personality might be bad ……….. they might be womanizers…….or gay…
But gays are great. Better than some guys. At least Gays understand women then guys do, and they have MORE of something called sincerity….If there is a single guy who understand women and respects her, I think that is more important than anything in the world. You don;t really find that that easily in Asia, unless a Westernised Asian who still has the respect and honour, but the ideals of Westerners. (I am making it sound so damn complicating)

Well….. I would be loving idols and loving anime characters, looking after 10 cats named after my 10 fave anime characters. HOPELESS I know. I can;t help it.

Some host might perform this kind of character for me, but hosts ain’t rich anyway…..so haha! (I am speaking as if I even dare to approach one. I thought I ran away from the street where they are. Totally scared of them man. )

angelofdevotion deshita!


About angelofdevotion

Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


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