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Hey!Say!JUMP: Young, Bright, Genki, and Talented

Congrats to the kohai of Johnny’s! Hey! Say! JUMP! Your single is once again…..ruling the charts!

They are of course, really young, really genki, and also really talented.
Some people may wonder what are a bunch of cute, pretty teenage kids doing on stage,
Dancing, and singing, performing…..
But of course, bashing could be heard. You can still see how people bash against them.

One thing I would really love to say that, no matter how great or bad a person sings, or how awkward or great their dances moves are, I think IF they could be up there fulfilling their dreams in the entertainment world, doing what they wanted to do, that is just already the very best.

There are some people in the world who share the same dreams as they do, yet they do not have the light to shine like those boys. Those boys has dreams too, and their dream of debut have come true. I feel really happy for them, for now, their voices could be heard.

Apart from being cash cows, I believe those who got in Johnny’s all share the same dream, and HSJ is the youngest group to keep on building the dreams in the castle of Johnny-sama. They might not reach to the level of professional bands like Tokio or SMAP, but one got to understand that a person who can DARE to have their dreams fulfilled, already seems to me to be a hero.

Even though i only know names of half of those kids, I really love that shine they are holding.
I am not a fan of theirs, but as a JE fan in general, I support them with all my heart just like i support any other JE band. But then again, criticism is still visible, even Elton John has critics, so you know, they can;t be perfect at this time. They are still growing up, and their genki-ness and energy would actually make someone who just passed my youth life smile.

Natsukashi desu ne?

HSJ! No matter what, this Ne-chan will always supports you! Especially Yamada who i have seen since his first audition! I am not a pedophile. Loving kids does not mean a pedophile. By the way, having a teacher’s spirit and soul, when i see young kids like that accompolishing something this GREAT, I am happy for them! Of course, I might point out how they could improve (which I think Your Seed was amazing) but then I, as an adult, could not go insulting by saying “They sucks” which they do not!

I just hope Chinen doesn’t grow any older. His voice is really beautiful.


So HSJ! Ganbare Kudasai!

angelofdevotion deshita

PS: I will watch their drama too!!! the one coming on October. Not that I like Yamada so much to have all his dramas, it is just he is acting in really good dramas…and he looks really good in them too!!!

I really want a cute brother like Chinen. You know a little brother who can be sooo kawaii and respects his Ne-chan unlike the (not really a real brother and never ask for) little brother i have one now. Some eight year old kid who drives me into the psycho ward if i stay with him too long…

But still, I would only be a pedophile for Tegoshi Yuya, which is actually one year younger than me, so it doesn;t make me a pedophile anyway.


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Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


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