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Living in this world…….Follow the rules

The Olympics Opening is airing as I write.
Yeah. Sure its interesting, people had sacrificed their time to make this the VERY BEST AND MEMORABLE event ever create by Asians. Yep. And it is not hard to keep the rules. Keep these performances as a surprise UNTIL today. or tonight. One broadcasting channel however, was rebellious, and deserves what it gets. Being barred from shooting the olympics opening live.

SBS Korean Broadcasting channel was absoutely, unethical to release such videos or even secretly upload those to the media. Do they realise how hard Chinese had worked to create something this great? Probably not. If they have any human sense and moral at all, they would actually follow what was required to do. NEVER TO REVEAL THE SECRET.

And indeed, it lost all rights to broadcast such a BIG Asian event. I laughed, until my teeth were about to break, or such silly movement. Some people in this world, could not even understand something call “follow the rules” I am sure their school taught them, and their parents taught them too, but their arrogances and desire of being in the centre of attention, somehow, GETS BACK AT THEM. Happy right, SBS?

Living in this world, no matter which country or ethnic background, learn to follow the collective society, learn to follow what is needed, wanted and encouraged, and then you won;t be the black sheep. Going over the line does not make one a hero, but a stubborn creature. Hero, you may say, but in the end, it might never do you any good. All you did is to risk yourself in a situation where people will hate you more.

Need more hints on how to live peacefully in the collective society…
Read Confucius 101, and study human psychology, focussing on the EQ. Then you as a human being shall be able to cope with the world better.

angelofdevotion deshita


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Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


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