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Angelofdevotion’s far too serious…

Well, i guess… my blog gets boring…

Because i am far too serious.

Even when i talked about entertainment, I can make the subject so thoughtful (well… i guess it is kinda profound and analytical  and could be added in an essay) but some are still..not too serious… but a majority gets serious.

I hardly write things like.

Hey Minna-san!
I watch the Olympics today!
Japan and Bulgaria…..It was so fun ne….

I thought one of those guys has interesting eyebrows..
.Looks a bit like one of my Japanese friend ..(he..he)
Even though they lost but I know they are trying their best! Yes!
Ganbatte ne!
Will always be cheering on Japan!!!

I guess, i would write something like

I watched the Olympics male volleyball match, Japan and Bulgaria, and i thought it was really interesting.
They really put much effort, and give it all to the match. The scores were catching up every minute, I was also really excited while watching it. Well… i have not been that excited for a time.

Honestly to speak, I am not a sport fan. I skipped PE, i hate bad experiences with sports involving equipments, and often need to take a visit to the  clinic because I often get beaten down by taller guys who can;t see me. That is one reason why I don’t like sports. I can never perform them, and being as a team, I would only pull my team down and make them lose. I just hope one day, someone would give me the courage to take part in sports again.

Wushu was my specialty, not anymore now, I used to dream of performing wushu in olympics, yet i tried and give up after my national champion. Its not that I gave up on my dreams, but then, winning in a national competition was hard. Champions were selected way before i perform, for me winning it, is already like a miracle come true.

Then I never wanted anymore competitions. Those who has the power, has the ability to win. I was tired. I did all my best, but if i did my best and lost, all my wishes would be drained away. Not because I am not talented, because I do not have the authority. I have to admit, I am pretty good in wushu. I have an amazing coach who is my MOM, an amazing teacher, and an awesome partner, which is my sister. But then, dreams that you wanted to be true, and the reality you are in, is not true….

I wanted to be a writer, and always wanted to…. but its just a dream. I can be a writer, but not a novelist.
One day, i shall debut….
Reality for me is to complete my masters and get the Japanese scholarship. tHAT would be my reality….

Gonna try real hard!

How did Olympics led my train of thoughts to this conversation?
Man, I am being serious again!

The voice of Eva, and the voice of Nyako-chan
I missed her really, Nyako-chan….
The girl who is expressive and tell things from her heart,
but what have I now become? Why do I think and say those boring things these days?

But still….. no matter how much my thoughts changed,
I still love Tegoshi Yuya…
I still love NEWS

and would always be a fangirl…anime fan, and cosplayer

that would be the ultimate escapism for my reality..
Having those.. would not hurt……desho ka?


angelofdevotion deshita


About angelofdevotion

Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


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