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Eva is a Romanticist and will NEVER lose her title.

Yeah, I am a Romanticist, proud of that and will always be holding that title.
NO one shall win in any battles of Romantic, cheesy lines if they challenge me…
Well… Tegoshi….is a Romanticist too….Even i love him to death, I would not lose that title… haha!

Romantic Lines Part One. (Seow to)

1) It doesn’t matter how far we are from one another, ______________(insert name…..I will use TEGOSHI YUYA anyway). At least, heaven has given me the chance to live in the same world as you, to stand under the same sky, look at the same sun and moon, to be born as a human, with a heart to love you…..that is enough for me.

(hoho Beat that line, Tegoshi!)

2) Staring at you on my wall each day, I know you would never jump up from them. Of course, its such a useless act doing such things, but those things kept me happy. Happy because I have finally found someone…who i can love without boundaries, to love without getting hurt, to love and to keep on loving more, only loving you alone, shall bring a smile to my face. That is the best gift for me.

3) You always wanted people to hear your voice…… you wanted to shine…..and now you have achieved that goal, but for me, I have not achieve anything yet…. only you could make that dream come true for me….. Could you hear my voice, projecting out loud to you, of how much i love you? If you hear that, that my goals have achieved.

4) God create the stars to shine at night, create the moon to add gracefulness in the night without stars. God create Tegoshi Yuya to create a meaning to my life. The meaning of God too, exist, exists to sing, to perform on stage, to appear on TV, to shine your smile to a thousand girls, and to me, who worship you without needing to find if you really exist….

5) When i sleep at night and dream of you, i hope my dreams would become a reality, then i don;t have to worry about anything else…. with you by my side, that is i always wished for

Might be lame laew la

6) I may write a thousand words to express how much I feel for you, but for you, you could just show me your smile…….That will worth more than the million of words I have wrote which are dedicated to you….

I gonna sleep…. update later/


About angelofdevotion

Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


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