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The Battle with myself…

Well….at first, I thought Tegoshi……(again) was so much liked by people
He just has to appear in the top voting chart of J-spy magazine in Thailand..
and i am surprised some people didn’t like him…..

I find myself in him.
Self-centered, spoiled, animated, romanticist, no afraid to express those cheesy lines….
Well… That is what I really am…. I am so spoiled by being the youngest in the family, and you know….even some little cousin I didn’t ask for takes the food that I like instead of me eating it everytime for 22 years, (21 actually) I was so mad and annoyed by that!
*pissed off while thinking of it*

How can I not be? Crab Eggs are the most wonderful things in the world…..
And if I always eat it, it has to be the same, unless there is some special guest YET he is not a guest….he is a cousin that I didn;t ask for, so the special dish is still MINE.
I don;t really care…..I put myself before others at home…
Yea, I know I am a damn SELF CENTERED person who hates to lose to anyone, and doesn’t like anyone who shines brighter than I do, unless she and me has the same qualities, we wouldn’t be rivals.

I got to admit. I got bad qualities too….
Yeah… tend to be a bit manipulative, but still… Tegoshi could be a male version of me, minus the looks. I am not as good looking as him…
As for my voice…. i have to say I love my voice…but since I never had voice training… I can;t reach lower notes… HAHAHAH

Another thing about me is being a romanticist. Without being a hypocrite.
I can be sacastic, but if i dislike someone…. I really don;t force myself in saying I LOVE someone! UNLESS i am in a situation where the collective loves tht person, I just have to keep quiet….
But then i wanna say….

I DON’T LOVE JIN. He is okay to me..I can watch his dramas and stuff, but one thing i can;t stand about him is why is he so irresponsible? Can he be more serious and into his career rather than to run for his escape to learn English when he came back and you can see only a few improvements? Didn;t help much. Yamapi in Kurosagi could speak english more understandable then him.

Tegoshi won;t be that. He loves his career and he had hardships while travelling on it. So i bet my head, that he won;t be stupid to do anything as silly as Jin. If he does, I might really stop liking Tegoshi…but he won;t… i just know it!

Furthermore, Tegoshi is Tegoshi.. who cares if Jin dislikes him? Jin dislikes… several people….
Even if the whole world dislikes Tegoshi, I would still like him as long as he is responsible, cute, and has a nice voice……if Tegoshi appears in scandals… it will hurt me alot, but then, Tegoshi is still Tegoshi…
I like him no matter what…

Tegoshi is human too…. even he is God to me..
Who says God never made mistakes…
He does too.. he made loads of stupid people and evil crooks on earth, or made Lucifer made them do that or stuff like this, or whatever….. so God made mistakes too…

Tegoshi could make mistakes as well..
I will support him always!


About angelofdevotion

Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


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