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Why should I let you go?

This is my inspiration to write some lyrics, without melody…just yet haha

The lights of the city brightens
Inviting dusk to reign the skies
Walking in the club to meet you again,
I saw you sitting there
Sipping from the glass of wine…

I could not hold my smile any longer,
With the sight of you,
my heart beats faster
The world i stood on, seems so small
Compared to the love I have for you…

I took my steps, closer to you,
Your beautiful eyes, looked at me
That gentle smile that I couldn’t forget

As the music started to play,
You held my hand, to the dance floor
Your warm hands upon my skin,
your eyes devouring my soul,
The soft whispers through my ears…
Tell me why I should let you go..

Please give me your love,
Send me a smile to melt my soul,
The sweet lips tastes of wine
The body that held close to mind…
The warmth of your love,
The tender of your touch…
I could sink into the sea of love
But Tell me why I should let you go….

The clock strikes twelve
I won’t turn back,
I will always be ready to reveal
Every single cell in me…..
Let me see the world you see…
Let me be forever in love with you…
So Tell me why I have to let you go…

The sweetness of your words,
The caring glitter of your eyes
The melodious voice when you talk,
And the gentle love you have given me…
All that engraves into my skin…
Forever this heart belongs to you…
This is why, I will never let you go…


This is pretty lame!!
But then, yeah….. its kinda…. nice….though.. to say it to someone..
But its not so ero nee…
I am not a erohime…..even though Tesshi is an eroji…


About angelofdevotion

Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


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