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Being Without You

Back with more lyrics!

Since I am not used to write adult themes or adult love songs….
(adult as in mature, not adult in a perverted way)
I am going to stick to my romanticist side so it would not be a downfall like
“going to the club and saw you sipping from the glass of wine..”

Being Without You

The song from the winter trees
Sang a soft melody to warm our hearts…
The warmth from your jacket,
Can’t beat the warmness that my heart feels
Two couple’s footsteps on the soft, white snow
Stays engraves until the snow melts away

The dusk arrives, you walked me home
“Tomorrow, Let’s meet again”
Your lips shaped into a gentle smile.
I nodded my head, and return a smile
Inside my heart, I am in despair….
“What if tomorrow would never comes”….

I watch your shadow slowly disappear into the mist
Tears started to roll down, without intentions….
Without you, I never knew I would break into pieces…

Tell me what I would do if I truly lost you…
What would I do if my day ends without you…
I would miss each smile you send to me….
I would sacrifice it all…..
Just to be buried into your warm arms again….
Kimi ga daisuki yo~

The Sunlight shines into my eyes..
The warmness of the heat opens my eyes…
I still hear the melody of the winter trees
The footsteps we once left had melted away
The tree i planted on the day without you…
Shall lives until the coming Fall….

The stars that shines the night skies
whispers to me a sweet lullaby
“You could stand on your own…”
I was certain, that I could survive on my own
Inside my mind I try to erase you….
“I could be on my own…even without you”

The steps that draw close to me
Are the sounds that I have heard before
Tears drained straight from my heart, My body has turned numb

“I never left you….” you whispered to my ears
The dreams we once shared returned…..
How I missed those smiles you once gave me…
How much I have longed for that warmth.
To be buried in your arms once again….
Brings a smile to my face again….
But your presence…..was never there……



This song is so scary…… well…
Let me explain it.

First of all….. This couple had a date during winter… They were all lovey dovey.. and the guy sends the girl home…. or vice versa…( the girl walks the guy home?????) oops

anyway.. this person knew somethign was going on…. she senses that tomorrow would never come…
That the next verse, she talks about the tree that she plants,… in memory of him..
That it was summer…she thought she might get over him.. when she saw him again…
The whisper, thw touch the warmth she felt again……
but the problem is…. this is what she feels… but his presence was not there…

which means his ghost visits her!!!


I would love to write this in Japanese….. but i can’t,



About angelofdevotion

Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


2 thoughts on “Being Without You

  1. P’ eva..ur such a romantist..>.<
    i love it 😀

    Posted by akira_ken2@lj | August 24, 2008, 11:44 pm
  2. This is the reason why friends in achool, university, groups outside school Labelled me as

    if they could just remove the “hopeless”~


    *Mr Jose (the fillipino sensei who teaches values)
    once read my poems out loud in class….
    that bad part was…..the person who i dedicate the poems to…
    OMG…. I thought I could never survive being that embarrass!

    Posted by Eva | August 25, 2008, 4:53 am

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