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Propaganda, A land without justice…. and the runaway criminal

Yes….After a whole loads of romantic writings I have been doing….
I decided to get a bit serious in this post….

I felt that I betrayed my penname which i used to only write.
I have been revealing about my poetic side with the angelofdevotion name, and left my penname alone…She must be really upset though since she is the one who dedicate like around 30 poems (for Tesshi)
I hope my pen name still remains confidential…..
I will use that name to debut my first novel.

Anyway back to my serious discussion topics.
Nothing about entertainment.

First of all, I wanted to indicate about the JusticeĀ  in Thailand.
So far in Thailand, just like it lacks human rights, Thailand lacks justice as well.
Those who did wrong could just throw in a bundles of 1000 baht bills and the case shall be close.
No matter what you do in Thailand, if you have the money you can bail yourself out.
If you have the authority plus money, your evil deeds would just be evaporated into the thin air…
I use “evaporated” because “disappear” is totally gone. Evaporation, things will come back to you, eventually..
Just like how the cycle of the rain…

Okay, now….since I hate to be wiped off my existence from the world….since i still have three very important things in life to accomplish ( debut as a novelist, get a scholarship from Waseda, to get my existence known by Tegoshi Yuya *hopes he reads my novels too*)

I will not mention any names. I just feel too precious right now to leave this world. (speaking like a superior)

Okay I will tell you a story then.

Not long ago, there was a tribe called “warai” in an imaginary land. The tribe was truly democratic, unlike other surrounding tribes of its North, this tribe was indeed more superior than those who are at the North tribes. The chiefs of the tribe was usually very wise, intelligent and thinks before he speaks. He was very much favoured by the people.

One day, there is a selection of the new tribe Chief.
That person who was selected, was very rich, intelligent and manipulative. He managed to get a majority of likings from the people, And so, with majority wins, he took his position as the new Chief, saying he will do anything for the sake of people. The majority of people in that tribe has single-cell brain, so they believed his words. There was another group who was educated, civilized and also knew something fishy was going on.

Each day, the chief got richer and richer. People who are beside him started to leave his side and it was still not suspicious enough. Until the chief managed to become the richest of all, some people started to question where did the riches come from.

(skip a whole big part)

Then they found him cheating and the assets he had was actually illegal.
The justice system started to put him to court…..and he flee to another tribe…….

Honestly if you are being accused of cheating in an exam which you DID NOT DO, would your defend yourself and prove yourself innocent, or would you FLY AWAY?

Well… at least you do not flee. You either defend yourself, or just be quiet about that topic if no one is gonna believe you anyway. You do not flee….

Those who are flee is 80 percent of committing something illegal. Ne?


Then let’s move on to the next topic.

You should never believe any news on TV. |
Cause a big amount of it may not only be crap but propaganda.
Please understand that not all media are true.
Please understand that the people in society, those who has the money will be able to get away with any little crime or big scandals…..has the authority to run away anyway.

It is annoying to see that such people like that exists in the world!!!!
I wish my country will be a better place and safer place……
.for children of our country to grow into responsible adults without facing any corruption like this.
I hope these children will be able to see a new future that will only make them feel that Thailand is the best place in the world they could be in. Without them fearing that one day, they will disappear if they cross over the lines of the authority…

Will Thailand be a true Democratic, ruled by intellects, ruled by those who care enough for people, those who are not selfish but really dedicates to serve the nation because it is their country, and we are all her people….the people of Thailand who need peace, democracy, and not an authoritarian leader who will disgrace our nation.



About angelofdevotion

Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


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