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Yagira Yuya’s suicide attempt?


This is taken from Tokyograph

Reports have come in that 18-year-old actor Yuya Yagira was hospitalized early Friday morning after an apparent suicide attempt. Yagira had attempted to overdose on drugs in his Tokyo apartment, but someone called emergency assistance and he was taken to a hospital. His condition is said to currently be stable.

Reasons for Yagira’s suicide attempt are unknown at this time. His agency has not mentioned any details, but they said that they are currently looking into the matter.

In 2004, Yagira became the youngest winner of the Best Actor award at Cannes for his performance in Hirokazu Koreeda’s “Nobody Knows.” He has appeared in a few movies and television dramas since then, including last year’s “Houtai Club” and a voice role in the animated “Genius Party.”


Why does such a young actor who is so successful like Yagira wanted to such things?
His popularity is going really well, being only 18 and had achieved such admiration all over the globe, yet he wanted to end his life. He is not the only first actor who does that though.

Expectations. Expectations. Expectations.
Once one had climbed up to a position that a high, people wanted more and more expectations of that individual when it was at his limit.
We are not the sky that we can always climb up, everyone has their limits as well.
To push someone like this, will only push them to a corner that they really wanted to die.

Didn’t Toda Erika said that too? She was so tired, and people were expecting things from her. She wanted to die. (Cartoon Kat-tun 40)

Why does popular people think this way?

Just think this clearly. When our parents are expecting us to achieve something, we don’t want them to see our failure. We need to win that achievement. But popular idols and actors takes a step way beyond us. We are expecting of them too. Even though we are supporting them, they didn’t want to upset us. So they tried their best. In the end, they are the one who ended up suffering all on their own.

What should be done? How can society stop repressing individuals like this? Why does society expected so much of us and gets upset with us?

This is one of the reasons why suicide still exists.
In Japan, which has one of the highest rates of suicide, might expected too much from this indidvidual. If only the society lets go and welcome freedom to one’s life.

If one society stop having too much expectations….
I guess the suicide rates shall decrease.

I hope Yagira-kun will be alright. After this, I hope he would not suffer like this all alone anymore.
Even though I do not know him that well, i just hope he doesn;t have to push himself any further.
Suicicds does not only mean attention seeking…..but it really means an individual who wanted to tend his suffering in this world that has been too heavy for them, the walls closing on them, the why sky is clashing onto them.

Yagira-kun….please don’t push yourself…..
Please take care of yourself, and whatever  reasons for why you did this,
I hope you can understand that life is really precious
Please let go some of your worries, and look at the positive reasoning of life.
You are still young, and there are thousand of things you can learn.
If you fail, i think fans will understand.
Don;t push yourself if you can no longer climb up the sky.

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