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Asian Mystique of the New Century.

I came along “Asian Mystique” book and i find it really interesting. They were talking about how Westerners view of us Asians, and of course how much they fantasize about our mystical, mysterious self that is super exotic… I am in Sydney. I dont feel that I am being viewed that way. Thanks Tegoshi-kami-sama. I … Continue reading

Happy Graduation to Yamashita Tomohisa

Yahoo!! Yamapi graduated! Well, even though he was half year later than others, I would say I find that quite great…that he still managed to graduate from university. We often think that “aidoru” are rather “baka” HOWEVER,  being able to attend a university and graduating from it is already showing one has the potential. Suffering … Continue reading

Thoughts of the Day….

Thai Politics would be an upstir crisis in the few upcoming weeks. It will definitely be, and that will cause the foreign media to question again why we (as educated elites and academic, anti-corruption intellectuals) could not accept democracy. Democracy? Ha? That DOES NOT exist in Thailand. It is just a word that you just … Continue reading

Happy 5th Anniversary NEWS!!!

I would like to say a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to NEWS! It has been their 5th Year, and they are still shining so brightly on stage…. This will be my message…

New Design!

New design to my blog. In this, don;t you think Tegoshi looks so angelic again? Tegoshi’s Personality! T- Talented E- Elegant G- Glamorous O- Outrageous S- Sleazy (as in ero) H-Honourable I- Irresistible angelofdevotion deshita!

angelofdevotion’s 50 NEWS MEME!

well… this is my first time designing a meme, so Please excuse me for some lame, obvious questions,. If you would like to use it, It would be nice if you credit me… I would be very happy.. Click to read!

Do dreams has a hidden meaning?

I have been having strange dreams these days. Last 2 nights, I dreamt that I was eating this really good meal, eating this duck that tastes AWESOME Then last night, I dreamt something that was really strange and quite…. strange too…so i wonder if it reflects hidden, unknown personal feelings for someone. Let’s call that … Continue reading

Super short post: Political Questions.

Do you believe that a country which as uneducated people as a majority, has the ability to rule itself? Can these uneducated people make the right decisions without being manipulated? If you think these people can make the right decisions….are you being idealistic? Does democracy even exists if you are in a country where people … Continue reading


Welcome to angelofdevotion’s blog. Apparently, “angelofdevotion” is my online name. If you would like to know more about me, please head over to the page of “Angelofdevotion” First of all, my blog may not interest you (at all) that much but to give a small overview of what I write,  I usually account on my … Continue reading

September Rants

OMG. I could not understand this guy. Michel Foucault. His theories. His Governmentality. How to apply that to my country.