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Lead me the way

All that surrounds….
Is just pure loneliness….
You call out to the empty road ahead….
Walking alone…..
On these field of thorns…
You wanted dearly for someone to save you…

You reach into the lake of hope….
Waits a boy that you have seen before,
He says “why can’t anyone understand me…”
You try to speak to him..
But those words got back to you…
Words won’t reach him….if he doesn’t open his heart..

* He says,
Is there some one…..to understand
..how much pain I am feeling now,,,
The sorrow will not go away…..
The world still crashes to my window…

Just someone…. to hear my voice…
Tell me those who could hear me…
Could you just lead me the way….

Flashes around…
Only want to steal your pride.
Every step you took ..You are being watched….
You can’t find…
The true colours of yourself..
How much you wanted to wear a true smile…

You reached to the fountain of truth,
To ask a question for you to understand..
“Why can’t I… find my true self..”
She whispers back to you..
But all you could hear is the dripping of your tears
Words won’t reach you…if you won’t open your heart….

* *You ask
Is there some one…..to know who i am
Could you tell me who i used to be
The true colours of my skin won’t show
The world still crashes to my window…

Just someone…. to hear my voice…
Tell me those who could hear me…
Could you just lead me the way….

* ** Hey, boy…
I am here to show you the road..
A paradise to search within yourself
The other side of the world
Shines brighter than the sun….

Just follow the whispers…
Of the heart that is still hoping…
You will then find…….your true smile….


Yes I got a melody for this…. but I am using my voice as the only melody/

Who did i write this for???? Not one in particular…just anyone could relate to the song… then I will dedicate to that person. Mainly people who wanted to get famous or well-known….. but once they are in fame….. they have to face obstacles… like Expectations from people… and you are really lost in the dark…. you are suffering this alone. But……words doesn;t reach you because you kept on thinking hard about the problem….and you kept on wanting someone to lead you the way out of that sorrow,,,,

Then when you are outside, you feel lonely…. but everyone around you will be watching you, because you are popular. Flashes refers to scandals that tabloids wanted to show your colours, the colours which are being dye by them.  You are confused about your true individuality of who you really are.

But whatever sorrow you are feeling, I wish i could be the one to help you, to show you to be optimistic because thw world will be bright or dark depends on whcih side you look at it. I will take you to look at the bright side, and with the heart which is determined, you can smile freely… like you always did and be the person you always are.

Well…..This is different from other poems i written!!!
For this one, I want that person to depend on me… (hoho)
But yeah…… I think loads of people are feeling this. Being an idol, an actor or all, you need to wear a mask until you might forget who u truly are…..

angelofdevotion deshita!


About angelofdevotion

Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


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