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Yagira Yuya denies suicide attempt….

From Tokyograph

Actor Yuya Yagira has now issued an official statement regarding the news of his hospitalization, clarifying that he did not attempt suicide, contrary to early news reports.

Yagira explained he had gotten into a verbal argument with his family. During the quarrel, he took some tranquilizers that his doctor had prescribed for him, but he consumed more than his usual dosage. As a result, he fell ill, and he himself requested an ambulance. He was taken to a hospital, but he was able to leave later that day.

He assured everyone that he had no intention of suicide, and also apologized for causing concern.


Alright, now Yagira said we all misunderstood.
I would love to believe you boy, about that fight with parents, it happens…
but about taking that whole lot of medicine and calling hospital yourself….
I just hope you are telling the truth….

But there is no harm lying. Once you opened that eyes of yours, you have to be responsible again….
You brought yourself back to senses …… and you have to accept that responsibility>
Denying about suicide is also good.
Because people would then be less worry about you and anticipate your appearences.

I just hope I, who has an experience of being with teachers and students before, would be able to counsel these students… That used to be what i love to do though. I want to help people…..

but since i am now aiming for researching… i hope i could also help people!


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Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


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