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A MUST READ: Importance of Life.

I hardly ever write something as serious as the importance of life.
Because there are a hundred reasons that life, mean a lot to us and also to those around us.

First of all, to you, what does life mean?

I always think that life means to spend my life the way I wanted, and only beware of any consequences I need to face. It is part of the truth to the importance of life, yet what is more important is how I could do to change something to a better situation. Even if to save someone from suicide, or to stop a fight, at least your life contributes back to the world and people around you. This is what I used to think. Perhaps, I still think so, but in order to die for what we believe, sometimes, it is way to extreme.

Yes. I was referring the riots that Thailand s facing.

Those people who go against one another, HUMANS who went against one another because of their beliefs, and because they think different, not to mention their social class, intelligence and social status, they clashed one another because of a certain someone.

And because of that. Someone has died. Someone has been injured.
Well….I would like you to question yourself.
That individual who died. What exactly did he die for? Who did he die for?
He wanted for some problem to be wiped out. He took a trip to the city to have his say, but he was killed.
Now, who is the one who is in grief of his death.

We probably say, “Poor guy, he died for the country. Its honourable”

or something to sympathize with that. But what do we know? What do we know about the feelings of those he is connected to? His family, His parents, his friends, the people he know….Does these make any diffferences at all?
I am deeply upset about this situation. But one has to accept that after a month or two, you might even never mention about that poor guy who died in the riot again. You might not forget him, just that you don’t speak of him. WHY? because it is human nature. He is not connected to us. But the people who connects to him is the one who will suffer. Don’t you think so?

I just hope those who are honourable would be able to step down.
Fukada of Japan, stepping down without anyone protesting him to get down. He knew he was not popular, and doing this was something one should learn from. Its not a responsibility, but is the honour of realization that one who people does not favour should know his position. Seems like some one over here in Thailand does not understand. Something they hold onto, and does not want to lose that power.

Argue, that they are majority elected to the paraliament.
Argue that majority wins.
BUT the majority does not always means they win.

If the majority believes that a war is necessary, do they go out to hunt down humans of a different race because the majority has that idea? Now a majority of people in some land had started to wake up and understand that majority (bull-dung) is not always true.

If the majority believes that Person A should die to make B.C,D.E happy, do you think it is still democracy?

This is taking the step of utilitarianism. Happiness for the greatest number of people.
But this needs a limit. Majority does not always mean YOU are right.
A majority of the world believe in God. This does not mean they are correct. Since we never know until we meet him when we stop breathing.

A majority of  us think that fairytales are happy, innocent.
What do we really know? About the sisters who cut of their toes and heel to fit into a shoe? about the prince performing acts to a sleeping princess and she actually bore a child?
Medid reshaped our truths, and it is what we think is a reality.

Majority of humans thought the world was flat.
They was not so true after all.

Majority is not always correct.

I think someone needs to take on lessons called “Honour 101” or accept the consequences and stop being such an arse to hold on to the power. I don;t even think you care enough for the people. If you really do, you would stop that act and worry about people’s safety, to step down not a state of emergency. You should know you are the root of the problem (or you might be too stupid to understand that) and the root of the problem should be eliminated.

I would like to ask you one more question.

Majority of us think God will help us in whatever problems we have.
Where is God now?

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angelofdevotion deshita!


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Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


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