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Screw Politics…..The world will be ending anyway.

OMG, have you heard!!!

this LHC machine in Geneva will be switched on , and it will create the black holes and it will also test the possibilties of the Big Bang theory!
Just kidding.

I was just kidding…. really. I am not that crazy to run away from death if it really happens.
What happens … happens anyway…..you can;t really change it because actually the destiny, luck, fate myths, are all created by yourself….

But honestly, I could hardly believe that the world will be eaten up by this LHC machine creating the Big Bang….
Why, honestly, i am just telling you what I think. I have no justifications so far, yet I just feel that it is impossible. If it really happens, don;t worry. Spiderman will come to rescue.Superman will carry it into space. What will batman do?? I don’t know either….but maybe the Fantastic Four might do something about it. Like…. burn it.

Well.. the main point of this entry is not to show my inner child….but actually I want to ask.


This is the song from TegoMasu, KISS kaerimichi no love song.
Literally means, if the world is going to end tomorrow. What would you do?

Losing connections with everyone in this world. Not being able to tell the person you love, that you love them. Not being to be close to your loved ones if you are abroad. Not being able to reach that dream. And those who are living in that dream, has to wake up to face death.

Well…. why would anyone want the end of the world to happen anyway?
To escape from horrible obstacles in life?

Jesus says he will be coming…
Well….. I hope not too soon. I will be burn in hell because I worship Tegoshi Yuya, and I actually think I might meet loads of celebrities there too. Who knows, a majority of Asians are Buddhist, I don;t mind going down all together with them. At least JE boys, ones I like aren’t Christians, so I might meet them with Lucifer. At least if i go to hell , I want to say, the greatest sin against the doctrines of religious ideologies I have ever done is…..worship Tegoshi Yuya. Make him a GOD. yeah. That was wrong?

i CAN;T THINK of what i would last do. Maybe get online and look at Tegoshi. hahah
So I can die and have him in my mind!

Whether the world will end or not, I hardly care. I need to send a Foucault essay on that day, so I hope i get to send it.


About angelofdevotion

Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


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