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September Rants

OMG. I could not understand this guy. Michel Foucault.
His theories. His Governmentality. How to apply that to my country.

I managed to convince through some tactics, yet it is hard to differentiate of populism, demagogy, and manipulation in which some individual had done.

Honestly, in a country which people have different education background,
Or perhaps I could say, “uneducated” people still exists,
what could be done to select the best for the people?
Education, as a form of governmentality needs to be enacted to those people.
They need to be educated and have a decision or their own, their own decision
without being guided by any manipulations and populist ideas of the government.

But it is hard for Thailand at this stage right?

People say that the elite are the ones who are not happy with this.
Yes. Thanks for calling me an elite. I am highly educated. I have decisions of my own without being manipulated, and I came from a business-based family for two whole generations.

Not much to explain why these kind of tactics seems similar.

Do you really think uneducated people could make the wisest decisions?
First of all, I guess “you vote for me, get this sum of money and shut up and follow me” suits best.

Just hope that people have a decision of their own, be educated and learn to question the authorities.
Most people who are scholars and theorists have done that. That is why they are such respectable figures.

Learn to question, learn to be rational, and learn to open your eyes to see reality.

By then you will understand that yes. Maybe what i have been thinking was suspicious after all.

This is one reason why i gave up on religion. I never gave up on teachings, but the beliefs of the existence of a God that we will see when we stop breathing.

(This justifies why I think I can worship Tegoshi Yuya as GOD, because I am sure one day, I will see him while I am still alive. *in a church (concert hall) called Tokyo Dome*

angelofdevotion deshita!


About angelofdevotion

Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


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