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Happy 5th Anniversary NEWS!!!

I would like to say a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to NEWS!
It has been their 5th Year, and they are still shining so brightly on stage….

This will be my message…

“Where are the other members of my former group?”
“Who are these people?”
“Do you think this makes a good formation?”
“So many members with such good charisma…”
“At least, someone close to me is here…”
“Have they made a mistake? Is this where I really belong?”

I guess these are the questions they have raised when they first met as NEWS.
Of course… Why should Yamapi be pulled out from his 4 TOPS which he loves?
Why does Ryo and Uchi also be in NEWS when they are in Kanjani8?
Why does Kusano, Koyama and Shige be out from their kkKitty group which is so cool Rollerblading?
Masuda, at least he was well-known as  jr…
BUT TEGOSHI? Just who is he to debut at just 8 or 10 months of training??
I totally left out Moriuchi…..but yeah…. his dad is a enka singer.

well, but what do we know?
NEWS have come so far… meeting so many obstacles…. scandals,, suspension….
and their shining star had not cease to stop shining.
I know that people said that they dont hang out tht much, but to be friends, does not mean u need to hang out with them. I hang out with people who are not friends. They are just classmates or so.
NEWS has a bond which ties them together, perhaps it is the magical thread of destiny (here i go again) that brings them together! (Or should I thank Mary-sama)

But Honestly, i think NEWS have been so well-known now, and I guess I could just keep on loving them….and hope they will stay really long… like SMAP……Even when I am old and have kids, I will not stop supporting them! I love NEWS!

Their 5th anniversary means alot to them.
I could compare NEWS to a tree….. Which grows up bit by bit, develops itself… and with the sunlight, the air, and care, they eventually grow into a beautiful tree, which everyone looks up to, they could shelter us from storms and sun, could give us comfort….make us smile when spring comes….. cool us off during summer, make everything seems so romantic during fall, and make us stand strong during Winter. It has been five rounds of seasons, that tree never stop growing……..It’s just like NEWS too me…

I hope fans would continue to support NEWS forever!
and anticipate for the tree to be at its most beautiful sight, that appears to be so attractive that everyone shall accept and appreciate them.

Without the power of six….where would it be?

Now I would like to compare to the WHAT makes a tree… a tree

Thanks to Yamapi and his great wisdom, leadership that binds them together…..He is like the roots of the tree, the most important part, that holds NEWS together….

Thanks to Nishikido Ryo, who is the leader behind the scene, who gives out great advices, so the group would not fall…..He is like the trunk of the tree, that supports everyone….

Thanks to Koyama’s encouraging and open personality… He is like branches of the tree, that stretches up high to always be rising to the sky….Everyone will grow from that!

Thanks to Shige’s creativity, his intelligence, compared beauty and growth spurt of the tree of how it grows as time passes on…This will always make the tree stable… and still stands on the ground of reality.

Thanks to Tegoshi’s romantic, adorable, attractive side with such a beautiful voice, that sings out the song of the trees, and if you listen closely, you may hear the voices of the nature (listen the Colours of the Wind…)…This will make people drawn to nature and appreciate it.

Thanks to Masuda’s sweet, thoughful and and bright…. It is Masuda who creates the colour of the trees, the changing of the leaves, the beauty of the flowers, and the freshness that manage  to draw the beautiful sight tht everyone adores.

So now….. what are the leaves???

Leaves shed…… and may leave the branches, but leaves are the love that fans send out to them. If the tree is in the Tropical region like South east asia, they never shed. Let’s say, they are trees in the tropical then! There would always be new leaf growing, and creating the perfect image of a tree…

So you see… this kinda make sense. Each one takes a role of themselves… binding the tree together…
Without Yamapi, will NEWS be stable?
Without Ryo, who would advice them to make sure that everything had been on the right track?
Without Koyama, would this determination of being well-known, always  rising to the top……ever be there?
Without Shige, as the growth spurts of the tree, to stablize the growth, would NEWS be able to reach out towards the sky?
Without Tegoshi, the magical melody that produces music as the wind blows, this is what creates peaceful feelings………without him, where is the non-concrete bind of NEWS that sends the voice out to us fans?
Without Masuda, would NEWS be so dull, as there would be like no colours on a tree, colours of green, pink, white or the natural colours that nature gives?

I guess this is just my theory who how important one member is in creating NEWS as a whole.
Each person has a role to play, even though they tend to play more roles than this, but this is what I have thought of so far.

Anyway…..NEWS forever!

Hai Hai!

Angelofdevotion deshita!


About angelofdevotion

Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


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