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Asian Mystique of the New Century.

I came along “Asian Mystique” book and i find it really interesting.
They were talking about how Westerners view of us Asians, and of course how much they fantasize about our mystical, mysterious self that is super exotic…

I am in Sydney. I dont feel that I am being viewed that way. Thanks Tegoshi-kami-sama.

I am going to to a bit critical here.

I guess some Westerners have that Asian Mystique ideals in their heads, no matter they are straight or gay, they still have that idea. Asians, some of them, but most of them, might still very much impressed by the Westerners world and stuff. Since I am a person who has experience the world for all my life, I am not so impressed of Westerners like normal Thai who have not met that many Westerners. They are still human after all, not like GOD. I don’t feel inferior to them. Furthermore, I speak more languages that some of them, having higher education, speaks english as fluent as them, so why should I be so into them, and be some damn impressed by what they do? I only respect people as an individual, not as a collective.

What does Asian Mystique of the New century am I talking about?
I guess it is the globalization of the Asian media, which draws Westerners into Asian entertainment now.
They really like Asian stars, and they would even go to their concerts over in Asia. That is really cool.
I still wonder what mystique do they find within Japanese, Korean stars? Do they share the same visions as Asians has?

Basically when I like a star, I like him because he is talented. I admit I am pretty much into Japanese stuff… and likes anything Japanese. this is because Japan had given me an awesome impression when i was there. Even though the country has loads of loopholes to perfection, I still like Japan alot. I like the language, the hightech stuff, and the nice people who helped me when i was lost in Tokyo. That creates Japan as an awesome place where people are helpful and not wicked and selfish.

What is this mystique of Asian celebrities to Westerners?

For me Tegoshi is an idol, a God, not an object.
I am sure a collective group of people have viewed my God as an object….of desire.

But then I am not talking bout Fangirls.They can fantasize about all they want…..it is in the blood of fangirls to do so. I am one of them too.

Actually, I was talking about Western fangays (middle aged) who viewed our Tegoshi as a sexual, asian mystique object.

Not so happy.
Even if Tegoshi one day might swing the other way, He would rather choose some one like Yamapi, Ryo, not someone middleage plus western.It is crappy to view Tegoshi like that. They probably never ever appreciate his singing skills and talents (which fangirls do ) they only want his good looks and body. That is kinda low, I would say, as a postgraduate student from a prestige uni.

Sore kara…. omae no yume ga, shall never come true.
I wish I would stop to see this going on. Appreciate an idol’s talent. Not only wanting them with full of lust. That should also be one of the Tengoshi Commendments.


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Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


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