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UN VS Death Penalty in Japan

This news is from Mainichi http://mdn.mainichi.jp/mdnnews/news/20081031p2a00m0na015000c.html U.N. Human Rights Committee takes tough view against Japan over death penalty GENEVA — The U.N. Human Rights Committee has released a report recommending that Japan should favorably consider abolishing the death penalty and improve treatment of death-row inmates. There has been a move toward the abolishment of the … Continue reading

The Nation: Opinion on the Traitor.

I was reading through The Nation website and found an extremely interesting opinion of TTT. (Thaksin the Traitor. As you should know I am highly educated, I despise this man alot. And this Writing pretty much reflects on my opinions as well…. http://www.nationmultimedia.com/topstory/read.php?newsid=30086938

The Next Step ahead.

I have been wondering all this year since I came to Sydney, took my Masters, wondering… “What is next” for me. Now, I have to think hard. This is indeed my last week for Masters, preparing for my last essay…. I wonder what I could do with my honourable degree. First of all, I wanted … Continue reading

Paving to Oricon

Well…. Apparently, NEWS have been releasing 3 singles so far, this year. Taiyou Namida, SummerTime and Happy Birthday. I guess Johnny-sama, or Mary-sama should release more singles for NEWS. Why? Apparently, DBSK has reached their 4th single on Oricon Chart. Because they (as in DBSK and JE) probably will rule every single singles they have … Continue reading

Social Expectations: Hikkikomori

You may heard of the Japanese term of the anti-social being who locked himself in the room, and does not want any social interaction with anyone. He entirely creates a world of his own, being by himself, being who he is or wanted to be…..Just that way. A Hikkikomori. What lies in that reason of … Continue reading

Don’t ask questions.

There are loads of things that people do, without a reason, without a proof or historicial background, but those were questions to things people did, but very few are willing to ask. Since my blog was meant to express my thoughts. I would use this personal space within the public sphere to put my thoughts … Continue reading

Popularity of ” I won’t step down”

Yeah Yeah, Whatever, I have heard enough of this lame claims, “won’t step down” and stuff.. I guess this political party is really good in replicating history. T: I wont step down! The next moment, he dissolves the government, and a military coup took place a few days later. PERFECT. S: I won;t step down! … Continue reading

Things to complete…

Things to complete before the end of October () Presentation of Post Mao Essay. () 3000 words of Body and Identity: Transformation of Migrant women in China. () 3000 words of Japan Images in the Western imagination today. () Presentation of Korean Wave () Complete my 7000 words or more thesis on Representation of women … Continue reading

Another Leah Dizon update. 4-months pregnant!!

We need to wait for a while before she comes back. not too long i suppose. 5 months or maybe less… She is already 4 months pregnant! http://asianfanatics.net/forum/Leah-Dizon-4-months-pregnant-announces-she-s-married-talk590309.html She had a traditional Japanese wedding too. Click the link to view the whole article. and the pictures Welll, I just hope all the best for her … Continue reading

Leah Dizon is married.

This may be the first time I talked about a female idol in mt blog. Yes. Apparently, she should be talked about because I like her beauty and her great body. But then that girl is now married. Yep. Tokyograph reported it. http://www.tokyograph.com/news/id-3916 So…. Now… Akanishi who appears with Leah so often in CartoonKattun is … Continue reading