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Changes in life.

High school seems a long way back, those innocent times we used to have.
Innocence have been lost, the true happiness we once got, the smiles we once shared.
How do I ever come this far, 现在我在一个黑暗的地方。。一个人在这儿。。。朋友呢?我还是认识他们吗?我要明白为什么我朋友们要变成那些人我不喜欢

我知道我的中文不好,可是我不要我的朋友在我high school 明白我正在写什么。


Society may influence people to change. Whether they like it or not, it is not them to testify, it is the person who is with them. I may be viewed as an anti-social, yes, of course, BUT only to a group that I do not want to build a social network with. I don’t go out to meet people? Why do I have to? I am not a fan of getting to know strangers, I am more of a fan of getting to know them before I choose if I wanted to get close to them.

For example, internet friends. Why do I wanna meet them? Because they share a similar interest with me. I don’t like going out to meet strangers I have never seen and interview them. I prefer to already know something about them. Like, a friend introduces me to his friend, that is great. I am not the sort of person who goes up and say hi unless he or she is in a class I am in. We have similar interest… That is why we are in the same class.

If I were to say, I only have less than ten friends in high school that I still believe I know them, would you believe me? People say I never change. I never want to. I want to be the same Eva who is romantic, energetic, and has a childish heart like always. I have grown up, my mind and thoughts at least, but the way I live my life, I won;t change. I would say, I don’t go to parties without friends that I love. Friends who  think good of me, who shares similar interests, who would help me and ask for my help, friends who I know who they are…..

JAL friends had made the biggest impression in my life …..giving me what friends should be like. We all share a common interest, and because of that, we can get to understand one another. That is why, I believe that part of them that is determined, intelligent, helpful and sincere shall never change.

I may be too judgemental of friends now, but I guess years do take friendship away. Friends is not a word you can any how labels a person. A classmate is someone you have classes with, but he may not even be a friend. Those who were friends may just be schoolmates, or used to be friends after all.

Doesn’t friends need to understand one another and accept one another, well then, there are things that i COULD not accept. I am a bad friend, but how can i stand seeing people i once loved walking in the path i am disgusted of?

I am being so upset now…..But I am happy that every time I am sad, a few friends in HS will come around and give me some comfort. and I know my JAL friends shall support me and bring me a smile again. And my lovely Praew-chan is always there when I am down.



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Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


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