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Don’t ask questions.

There are loads of things that people do, without a reason, without a proof or historicial background, but those were questions to things people did, but very few are willing to ask. Since my blog was meant to express my thoughts. I would use this personal space within the public sphere to put my thoughts out.

First of all, I would like to say, I was a Christian.

Yes. I was. Why did I free myself from religion?
Well then, it is just that when i started to get more rational, I see things with a reason. I have to see things and experience it, in order to understand how it works. Theories to prove, situations to support. This is the truth I believe in.

I am not a person who waits for something to come to me. I search for it by myself. If i keep on waiting and praying, what good does it did for me? Would I get honours for my first degree if I would to only wait for something holy to come and work for me? Well then, I totally saved myself.

Dinosaurs. Yep. The bible doesn;t talk about them right?
I wonder where this slip through. Couldn’t have happened on the sixth day…..Dinosaurs would have eaten any living things around them. If they don;t exist, what are those fossils and ancient bones doing deep deep deep down on the earth? Did someone just magically put it there? Yeah. Maybe someone did. Someone who runs for vice-president still believes that it is a conspiracy theory….dinosaurs are just pure fake. (Ha…)

Oh, another thing. About Lucifer. I want to know what he did apart from being jealous of God, that he had to go down our feet. In my predictions, jealously comes when one has become  authoritarian, or threatens another power.  Yeah. Jealously between men could not have happen because one is more beautiful then another. It happens because of the fear of power. That power, who knows, what kind of power it is like? Foucault said there are several kinds of power right? Machiavelli is one of them.

Well, are we all really siblings?
Man, I dont wanna commit any incest. I rather be with a robot.
I fail to accept on we are all brother and sisters.
I dont want someone i hate to be related to me.

The apple .

If those two did not eat it,
what would be come of us?
Free humans? Is Eden free?
Freedom of choice? Selecting to eat shows a sense that humans has a freedom of choice.
Would we be like orangutans?
Or Kangaroos?

Well, we never know.

If we dont learn to ask questions, we will forever be dumb and stupid, to follow something blindly.
Our teachers in school taught us to ask questions.
What when these questions are being asked, why do I was accused as Lucifer’s child?
I was just trying to be rational, that is all.



About angelofdevotion

Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


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