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Social Expectations: Hikkikomori

You may heard of the Japanese term of the anti-social being who locked himself in the room, and does not want any social interaction with anyone. He entirely creates a world of his own, being by himself, being who he is or wanted to be…..Just that way. A Hikkikomori.

What lies in that reason of him being this way? Is he too lazy to get out of his room?
Is he too afraid of the outside world?
Those may share some possibilities, but the only main reason that may be the most relevant is how social expectations pushes them into a corner, making them the way they are.

Social expectations.
Society expects you to go great on your studies.
Expects you to have a good career>
Expects you to behave disciplined.
Expects you with this and that. Not does society only pressure you.
People around you. There are so so so many things that are forced upon you,
You sometimes have no space to breathe.
Does anyone understands them?

Probably, people who see the hikkikomori as someone who rejects society and they are a problem in the society. But why not examine why they are this way?
Social expectations have made humans feel repressed and would be discriminated if they stick out too much, or show too much difference.Taken in an interest that someone else finds it disgusting.
Society never accepts if you are a bit different, society only wants to stryucture you the way it structure anyone else. That anyone else which is a majority would then play roles as the society to put pressure on them.

If they would have a space to breath, a voice to reach out…. I am sure these problems won;t exist…

If only society accepts of different people in our world…..
Accepts of people’s opinions and understand them by wearing their shoes.
I guess …….. nothing dreadful as this will happen.

You may ask why do I think I know all these feelings?
Well, I have to confess… how much I wanted to lock myself in my room too.
To escape from those pressures in life. to escape from expectations
to escape from not being able to give my opinions out because I will be view as a rebel.
But then, I can;t. I still have a life to go on. If I am strong enough, I will stand…. but when I will fall….at anytime….I would not know what i would do either.


About angelofdevotion

Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


One thought on “Social Expectations: Hikkikomori

  1. As a Hikkikomori in North america (10 years, shut in @20, now 30’ish), many hikkikomori are suffocated not just by society but by the hostiity of people themselves in the world, they don’t necessarily hate people (although I’m sure for many it’s a stage they go through), all that time allows you to develop intellectually, to read, to grow more then most people who are stuck in their jobs and limited views of the world. The people in the west are increasingly superficial, bigotted, materialistic, unreliable, dishonest, immature. Many sensitive hikkikomori don’t want to invest themselves in the world and in relationsihps with people of the world in people who are fickle, so they spend that time doing their own things.

    Some hikkikomori are caught in catch-22’s of stigma, some have tried to come out and have ended up going back because you can’t get the help. Others have issue with capitalist society and the structure of the economy based on mutually screwing over ones neighbor, the fact that we have extremely excessively rich people and then they or the government turns around and say they have no money for poverty programs, etc, when they hand out money hand over fist to save their friends in the financial system (as you’ve noted the bailout over the last 2 months worldwide) tells you a lot about the human race in general.

    Withdrawing from the world has it’s drawbacks in that other people if they catch on, think you’re weird, but it also gives you freedom most people will never have to develop unique perspectives on humanity and the world itself. The best thing about it, is your time is your own, not the states, not some hostile corporation who only sees you as a disposable object.

    I find modern capitalist society primitive and oppressive and the fact people tolerate it at all is a shame, the truth is people are getting fed up not having any time for themselves and being trapped and chained to their jobs for a meager life.

    It’s been millions of years, we still have war and poverty, we could safely diagnose the world and race of human beings with mental illness.

    The world is a reflection of ourselves, the world will become an outstanding place when every one of it’s members chooses to be outstanding.

    Posted by HIK | December 17, 2008, 11:03 am

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