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The Nation: Opinion on the Traitor.

I was reading through The Nation website and found an extremely interesting opinion of TTT. (Thaksin the Traitor.

As you should know I am highly educated, I despise this man alot. And this Writing pretty much reflects on my opinions as well….


A traitor who wants to drag everyone down with him

THE love letter from Thaksin Shinawatra to the Western media represents the true character of the billionaire who has been given the new status of a common criminal who jumped bail, evaded seven arrest warrants, and was handed a two-year jail term.

In his “declaration”, Thaksin blames other people for the causes of his political misfortune and fugitive exile, but never himself. He wants the Western media to see him as a man who can do no wrong and who must prevail in all circumstances.

His accusations at the “privileged elites” who regard him as the prime threat to their class are preposterous and ridiculous. In Thailand’s recent political history, nobody could be accorded any more supreme privilege than Thaksin.

When he returned to face charges earlier this year, he was given instant bail instead of being arrested. He was able to travel freely and have access to top legal teams including lawyers who serve as minions in his party. They failed to defend him due to solid evidence against his misdeeds and those of his wife.

Thaksin was allowed by the court to travel to China and Japan, based on trust and bail amounting to chicken feed. When he learned that an attempt by his legal cronies to bribe court officials had failed, and they were caught red-handed, he decided to jump bail and flee to England.

His game plan was in tatters, but never his flair in bad-mouthing his motherland and its judicial system. Except for his admirers, all other people view him as a petty crook who lied with a deadpan face. He believed the world was full of naive people who would fall for his tall tales.

Of course, he has taken the credit for being solely responsible for the unending political crisis resulting from his malpractice while prime minister and his subsequent ouster by a military coup.

During more than five years of his authoritarian rule, Thaksin was involved in an incredible number of corrupt practices, and he now awaits further prosecution and court trials. It is no surprise that he rejects all charges and regards them as a fine-tuned conspiracy to ruin him.

Thaksin had been comfortable among the elite until his last day in office. He never needed schooling in the art of shady deals. It came naturally to him; his track record of success in making billions serves as clear proof of that. Indeed, he is a legend in business and politics, especially for policy corruption.

Even from afar, Thaksin can still stir up trouble. He has pulled the strings of two governments in succession. The ultimate reward for politicians who serve him as cronies will be jail terms now that criminal charges have been lodged against them.

Thaksin remains the only politician and national leader who put national assets in a nice package and sold them – to the Temasek Group of Singapore for a cool Bt 76 billion. He paid no tax at all, and still claimed unmatched patriotism.

Nobody can better explain Thaksin’s wheeling and dealing while amassing power and wealth to fulfil his unfathomable ambition and greed than Snoh Thienthong, who boasted of being instrumental in putting Thaksin in the premiership. Snoh has made unflattering revelations about the mischief of Thaksin and his wife as the couple tried to create a political dynasty to prolong their control of the country’s destiny. It was a real eye-opener for those who have blind faith in the disgraced man.

In his latest stunt, Thaksin can still be seen as belonging to the privileged elite. Now a convict and fugitive fleeing a jail term – and seeking political asylum in England – he is allowed a golden opportunity to blame his accusers and speak glowingly of himself live on television. His speech will be broadcast nationally, and probably globally, on November 1, thanks to a team of cronies controlling the NBT station.

No other convicted criminal is accorded such privilege, on his own terms. The Somchai government, comprised of self-confessed puppets, is more than willing to comply, despite repeated warnings from other sectors that Thaksin’s address will further escalate the political conflict.

Now, his ill-concealed hatred towards the so-called “privileged elite” will make him a full-blooded traitor in the eyes of his fellow countrymen. His phone-in talk from London to a huge gathering expected at Bangkok’s largest sports stadium will split the nation – simply because he wants to drag the country down with him.

One can understand his bitterness. Nobody should challenge his supremacy in the privileged elite. The expectation that his tear-jerking talk will drive his admirers into a frenzy, spoiling for revenge and blood on his behalf, will surely be a real horror for the country. This act of treachery must be stopped in time.

It is his last high-stakes gamble. After all the foul words directed at the bench and the country’s revered institution, Thaksin no longer cares how many more lives could be lost in violent confrontation. Never mind whether the casualties are his foes or supporters.

Thaksin must have resigned himself to the fact that he has nothing more to lose. He foresaw no immediate chance of returning to the homeland he exploited for many years. In the end, he might not care to think what the consequences might be. His clan could be forced to join the league of fleeing convicts after his vendetta is over.\

Well, You know…. In dramas, you always see the evil interfere who build up lies to accuse on us.
Why would we be afraid of his threat to our class?? HA…..that is so wrong.
He is trying to manipulate the whole world ideas to pity them,
And how i pity Singapore who has been part of his evil plan,
there was a short period of time when Thais were anti-singapore…

But i am not one of them… Singapore is like my country too…
Can;t do that. I blame TTT for all these deeds!

Yep… that’s wrap up my thoughts!…

May he one day find no way to rest in either heaven or hell.
He will be nothingness…..
Hell would still be too decent for a guy like him.


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Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


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