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UN VS Death Penalty in Japan

This news is from Mainichi


U.N. Human Rights Committee takes tough view against Japan over death penalty

GENEVA — The U.N. Human Rights Committee has released a report recommending that Japan should favorably consider abolishing the death penalty and improve treatment of death-row inmates.

There has been a move toward the abolishment of the death penalty in the international community, with countries that have abolished it making up the majority. Criticism of countries that maintain the death penalty is also rising.

A screening of Japan was carried out for the first time in 10 years on Oct. 15 and 16, based on a U.N. human rights agreement, and the committee released its concluding observations on Thursday. The recommendation has no legally binding power.

In the report, the committee cited as problems the facts that the number of executions had steadily increased in Japan and that death-row inmates are executed without prior notice before the day of execution. It said Japan should “ensure that inmates on death row and their families are given reasonable advance notice of the scheduled date and time of the execution.”

An investigation by the United Nations has found that there are 141 countries and regions that have abolished the death penalty by law or in practice. Fifty-six countries continue to carry it out, and among G8 countries, only Japan and the United States maintain the death penalty.

My Insights

If UN is so free, they SHOULD look at the problems of human rights in Thailand, where the government randomly shoot teargas bombs at demonstrators, causing deaths and such injuries (people even lost their legs…)

Anyway, a majority of Japanese are actually positive about death penalty, but then, if you look at it closely, those who are on death row have taken someone’s life. They also do not have the right to do that, so why does the society have no rights in putting them to death?

do you think that the parents of those innocent victims who have been killed by that Akibahara murderer would be satisfied to have been just to sentenced to life….. or that Otaku killer who slayed innocent children!! would just live?? i guess death penalty should be applied to some cases like those two killers …I dont; sympathize killers… but I sympathize those who has to die by their hands.

It is not that I support death penalty, but I do not agree that UN should tackle into this problem.
Why do we need to give respect and rights to a human who had done something so dreadful?
Their actions are already pretty low… so punishment have been done upon them,…
Social elimination…..to avoid social pollution….


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