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Tokyograph: NEWS’ Tegoshi joins Horikita, Matsuyama in “Nakushita Kioku”

NEWS’ Tegoshi joins Horikita, Matsuyama in “Nakushita Kioku” Sat, November 29, 2008 (11:27pm EST) Yuya Tegoshi of NEWS has been added to the cast of “Nakushita Kioku,” an upcoming movie by American director Hans Canosa. The film was announced earlier this week when it was revealed that Maki HorikitaKenichi Matsuyama will be the co-stars. The … Continue reading

Caps from 30th Nov Itte q!

……SOOO MANY TEGOSHI EXPOSURE THESE DAYS!!! It happens to all be in my Birthday week….so i am a happy bunny!

Paving to international Success! Ometedou Tegoshi Yuya-kun!

If only I could write Japanese, I would write this in a postcard and send over to him. Yes… I would. I am truly happy from the bottom of my heart for this success of Tegoshi. He will officially play as the supporting role next to Horikita Maki and maybe be a love rival of … Continue reading

Shabake SP :USO USO!

This SP is full of Tegoshi’s cute moments in this SP srama, yet I totally do not understand what is going on!!!!!!! Well, I am just gonna upload the pictures ! Douzo!

My Birthday and the various happenings on the day.

Happy Birthday to me…. Tanjoubi Ometedou! I am at last!!! NI-GYU-NI SAI DESU!!! 22 years old!!! well.. there are loads of things happening these days… and happened to coincident with my birthday! I thought i was quick a peaceful person. First of all, I just recieved NEWS that TEGOSHI YUYA with star in the movie … Continue reading

From peaceful protests to ……

To protests which create problems for people. Yes. Exactly like what I have said. I totally support PAD’s motives of how they want the PM to step down, but the closure of the airport seems to create an extremely bad reputation for Thailand. First of all, it means no planes are being able to depart. … Continue reading

Shabake Promotion: 26th Nov, Tegoshi in a game show

I just happen to switch on the keyhole and scream!!! TEGOSHI AGAIN!! Radar always works….. I love my senses!!! I managed to screen cap 2 pics!!!! Remember the promotion of some drama Nobuta???… Yamapi who was then Yamanorita and had to use chopsticks to eat from the bowl of stuff This is the same thing… … Continue reading

My wicked imaginations

I was sooo bored that I made these  nonsense, wicked imaginations… but thinking of it might kill some boredom. 1) First of all I did not graduate from high school. I SKIPPED G12 and went through Uni… the masters… I missed the senior year. So now, I though of going back. But as a spy!!!! I will … Continue reading

Anticipating for Shabake: Uso Uso

There will be several versions of anticipation!!! yamapi85 from Livejournal has just uploaded a CM of Shabake! Some snapshots from the short CM!

The changing world

Minna… I think something is really wrong with me I have this UNcomfortable feeling…..for quite sometimes… Sometimes… there are things that you yourself don’t understand…. Maybe it was the Vampire Knight effect…… I became so angsty while seeing Zero this angsty… It is gonna be my Tegoshi week next week…. And my birthday of course… … Continue reading