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My wicked imaginations

I was sooo bored that I made these  nonsense, wicked imaginations… but thinking of it might kill some boredom.

1) First of all I did not graduate from high school. I SKIPPED G12 and went through Uni… the masters… I missed the senior year. So now, I though of going back. But as a spy!!!! I will pretend to be a student…. and then said i was transferred from some school then spy on the “seishun” life of kids these days! Wel it must be a Japanese HS though. I might be lucky and have a JE boy as a classmate! who knows???

2) Sit by the window…. doing some charms to let shinigami come to me… and give me a Deathnote! please!
I wanna see if there is anyone as smart as L. I mean… Light, there might be someone as mastermind as him to plan stuff…. but L is just too smart!!! I guess.. I would love to be Kira! Because there is someone i need to eliminate before…………………nothing personal.

3) I am sleeping by the day, awake by the night, so would u just make me a vampire now, Kaname-sama?
I hate afternoons… I hate the sun…. I hate where there is alot of people who are just trashing around the clubs at night…. trying to check ratings……and making unsincere friendships…. that is just ugly. Make me a vampire……and bring to the Night Class… I am sure I will break Zero out of his darkness…. Then I shall be in Zero’s shoes and tell him………to stop hating all vampires……..even Kaname bit me, I still don’t hate him..

4) OH i am a fujoshi. I seriously need a Tegoshi drama next year or i will stab myself with my guitar. (this phase is from someone i know who is really funny when he was stoned) but then yeah…. I need more Tesshi exposure to inspire me!!!!

5) I want to go to a host club… i wanna to be loved by good looking guys, whether it is fake or their job to make me love them, but then…. i need more romance in life! I have been tooo…. into imaginary boys. I just need someone kakkoii who i can see…. dont care if its one-sided….. i just need to feel more stimulated to write! Put this way… I dont want real romance. just someone i dolize as a tool to my inspiration. Yeah. Since Tegoshi is the one I daisuki, so i dont want to suki anyone yet. Just a crush will do.

6) I need bishounen.

7) I need to go to Japan.

8) I wanna confront someone. and tell them in their face if they dont give me HIS number…. i am going to …..expose their secrets to the media!….. Just HIS mail will do….
(who is this HIS? YOU will never know who i want to confront…. cause for me… i dont even know!!!!!)

9) Go to singapore….. quickly… there is something i need to do.. quick and fast…….
(one of the reasons is to eat stingyrays……satay and chicken rice…..other reason??? I really can;t expose……….)

10) Seriously… I need to get a life…. I am far too bored now!!!!!!


About angelofdevotion

Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


3 thoughts on “My wicked imaginations

  1. Hmm… wat are the other reasons that you’re desperate to be here? Mind to share??

    Posted by woansecret | November 26, 2008, 12:22 pm
  2. HAHAHA The other reason is that if i am in singapore….i can do a shopping book spree!!!
    Sounds nerdy but yeah.. there are a dozen of books i really really really am in need of….and of course….

    I will be graduating in Singapore!!!!!
    In Sept 2009 though…. my grad ceremony in Sydney will be held in Singapore, and i get to take piccies with you and other JAL ppl!!! It is an overseas ceremony… so i am happy about it!1!

    The fact I said i can;t expose iss………
    I was waiting for a comment to question me like that.
    And I was successful.. hahaha!!!

    Posted by angelofdevotion | November 26, 2008, 1:54 pm
  3. LOL…. sounds interesting. I mean your overseas graduation ceremony@ GOOD LUCK anyway

    Cheers @

    Posted by woansecret | November 26, 2008, 3:44 pm

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