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From peaceful protests to ……

To protests which create problems for people.
Yes. Exactly like what I have said.
I totally support PAD’s motives of how they want the PM to step down,
but the closure of the airport seems to create an extremely bad reputation for Thailand.
First of all, it means no planes are being able to depart.
3,000 passengers were stranded in the airport, they too have business to do!

Some need to attend school, so what could be done when they are in Thailand?
Some may even need to attend a wedding ceremony, funeral, dates, concerts, etc,
but now they are just in Thailand, feeling hatred towards our country because of these….

Of course, I know how desperate it is to get the PM to step down,
but i would like to ask…IS this going WAY too far?
I won;t criticize, but honestly, don’t you think this is what the government want you all to do?
To create fear, to make the foreign media think that it is the antis- that all these trouble is happening!

I am no one in position to argue against them, I do not side the government,
But i am wearing the stranded passengers’ shoes.
If I were them, no better what, I would totally be mad at those protesters who are ruining my plans.
I may need to go for a class, a graduation, but if it is over and i couldnt attend it,
I am having all the disadvantages here. And if I am in their position, i would think, “what a min, I am not even Thai, why do i need to sacrifice a single time for some causes like that?”

Because I am Thai, I may sacrifice some of my time, but that is impossible for foreigners.
When situations like this occur, I honestly think that it is not the cause or root of the problem that is being seen, it would to those who are fighting for their voices to be heard would be the one in blame.

Do you think you have taken the wrong step?


About angelofdevotion

Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


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