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December Rants

There has been several weird incidents occuring to my family… First it was the Louis Vuitton handbag that was totally destroyed Second was the stationary car parking at the side, some person pushed my sister’s car and scratch against this 4 wheel car just to let their car be able to get out… and care … Continue reading


well… you know…. i am really really revengeful…… I really need a deathnote…. you know…..I wish I really have supernatural powers…….to destroy someone…. someone who caused my close ones to be hurt…. My beloved sister’s LOUIS VUITTON BAG has been cut by some penknife, and an expensive bag like that you know how vengeful i … Continue reading

These few days, Dad was here with us and we had fun bowling…. My body is still exhausted!!!! But you know good things come in replace of my little freedom. First of all, Thailand has now a great, great PM who is not only intelligent, but also very ethical and I know he is someone … Continue reading

Back in Thailand!

This is Eva in Thailand!!! I am finally back home in my comfort zone, yet you know how much I would miss Sydney!!! Well, those great thoughts that I have in mind might not be that great after all. I usually think really great when I am with myself, so I will miss that moment … Continue reading

Stairs that leads to success

This is Eva-chan….. staying up all night and morning….Stressed out. But my brain won’t fail to think philosophically. Is thereĀ  stairs that pave to the highest aim in life? If we aim for higher and higher, are we being greedy? I have always wondered myself. After one step, I aimed so high for my next … Continue reading

The ideals 2008

You know one always have an ideal type in mind. Is the Ideal type……..always the person you find and love???? My ideal type must more or less be similar to me! Shares my interests and values…. Here I go. 1) My Ideal guy need to have a degree from a prestige uni, and has pretty … Continue reading

Tired…….and Broken…

Since I will be leaving Sydney for Bangkok, Thailand this Sunday, My life is not easy at all…. I am so tired and my arms are aching so much! It’s so hard to repack and pack again…… And since I am such a princess at home, You can imagine how hard it is for me. … Continue reading

New Wind

New association of a song!!! I didn;t have a name for it though….I will just name it. New wind! A single ticket on my hand, I have made up my mind. I would be aiming forward there will be no regret. Even though there are times that things don;t go my way…. Whatever road that … Continue reading

Eva-chan no Tegami wo ____ ni ageru.

If I only have a single wish, how I really would like to grant for your happiness so I could see your smiles that always bring brightness into my life your voice enchanted me under a spell that I could not escape from. It has captured my heart, and I am sure that no matter … Continue reading

Sekai ni hitotsu dake no hana

Of all the songs that I love, Nothing touches me as much as this song. The songwriter is the same person who wrote the Mou Koi Nante shinai nante, and he wrote this song for SMAP-sama. I know their voices ain’t the “saikou” but it is a great song. I’ll just give you the KAT-TUN … Continue reading