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The battle is yet far from over…

Even though the closure of the airport and the dismiss of the protesters have somehow put Thailand to ease, I am sure that Thailand will still not have a peaceful political future. As long as the puppet master is still there to pull strings, and the puppet government still wants to be part of the chess piece in his game, I just could say that the future is pretty dark for Thailand.

The reason I say this because, even Somchai is out, the new caretaker might not be the one everyone likes. Chalerm is one of the people that are expected to be next, but good lord, did you even how how dirty his hands is? Even his goddamn son had killed a policeman, and managed to escape from the trail! Is this the man who should be the next PM of Thailand? If you think so, there is really something wrong with you.He couldn;t even be a good father to discipline his own son and send his own son to jail. Do you think this man can be a leader of a country?

More over, people keep on giving evil people chances, and never gave good, respectful people a chance. Abhisit is such an educated, honourable, respectful and elitist young blood politician, who never stain his hands into sort of corruption or evil deeds, this is the kind of leader Thailand should need as a politician. Why does society fail to give these people a chance, saying that they are inexperienced, but to be honest, how to you judge how they are when you (aho) don’t even give him a chance!

And people kept on giving chances, forgiving to people who actually turned Thailand into a battle ground. I don;t really mind what policies is good for Thailand and benefits whoever, but the main thing is that a leader needs to have good ethics, have a decent mouth, and manage to be responsible. Apirak, who was forced into signing the contract on fire trucks and ships, and stuff resigned even though we all know he was not the corrupted one, and he has the spirit to step out of his position. This is the kind of politician we need in society. One who is responsible, not one evades taxes and one who shows his low class attitude by speaking of such awful swear words. Or even one who killed and hurt loads of people, just because they opposed him.

Honestly, when would this end? If a Deathnote ever really exists, please write those evil politicians’ name in, this may be the LAST WAY for the game to end at checkmate.

Is that even possible? The political crisis never ends. Unless he dies.But i guess it will long before he does, since hell would hate to have people like him there either. For example, those people can;t really die fast. Tojo didn;t die even he shot himself.

I am ranting too much for today. Well, I can’t help feeling annyed by situations like this!


About angelofdevotion

Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


One thought on “The battle is yet far from over…

  1. I think for now, they just delay the problem. I’m sure the next person coming up wouldn’t be able to satisfy, and the protest will come up again.

    Yeah, I couldn’t believe my ears that Mr. C is one of the candidates

    Posted by sasipa | December 5, 2008, 3:11 am

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