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My 5000 hits!

This is my 5000 hits!
Well, I guess they might just look around at my site, and ignore the content. But fair enough, I am pretty happy to have 5000 hits ever since I debut the launched my blog, just a bit before summer. (Summer in Thailand, Winter in Sydney)

Really, I would have more things to write!
I just read my horoscope yesterday, and it was really good! XD

So i decided to try my best to live up to it. By getting a scholarship! I am putting all my life at this, to research, to be a good PhD student and to contribute my knowledge to the world.

I rather have all the knowledge of the world, then to have all the money of the world! Once you have all the knowledge, you can use it to make money, but if you just had the money, you wouldn’t need to do anything anymore. Just shop, travel, go on a cruise, but there is a limit of things you can do. By sharing your knowledge, you would be able to make good money too, and you have GOALS to achieve.

Life is meaningless if you don;t have an aim in life, what you wanna be, what you wanna do, and what you wanna do after that goal you achieve!

Okay here i go! On my list of New Year Resolutions!!!

1) Go home safely, and start to brush up on my Japanese knowledge! Also, I need to start writing my research proposal to Iwabuchi-san. Hope he will accept me.

2) Second, begin classes! I aim to be the top student! If not, one of the best!

3) Aim to get the scholarship.

4) If I fail to, I will start applying for new scholarships, maybe a PhD in Japan….go and then, look for scholarship later

5) work for a bit, just to save more cash for shopping dayo!

6) Officially put an end to one of my novels.

I could only think of 6 goals.
Will try more!


About angelofdevotion

Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


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