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This is my 100th post!!!!!!!!!!

Amazing. I have just started this year and it has been 100 posts even before the year ends!

I came of a thought today.
Is your ideal man and the person you like, the same person?
Honestly, I really really really like Tegoshi.
I like him because there are so many points that are common between us, for instance, being a romanticist (and i’m a bit ecchi), loves people to pamper me, loves singing and writing songs (and poems), likes psychology, and also kinda…..selfish at times, and a bit overly-confident, but then yeah, I have my limits. Since I am already mature, I repressed all my selfishness down only to be that way to the people within my house. And I love people to pamper me. hahaha

However, if i were to develop a real relationship, a person like Tegoshi would be super fun to be with, but I might need to wait for him to grow up until he is 25 to judge who he really would be in the end. Because I am still changing as we speak, so he will too!

I rather like to say Sakurai Sho from ARASHI, is closest to my ideal type. He has the looks, the good family bg of scholars and politicians, with a KEIO graduate degree, always is good in studies, mature and fun, moreover he is able to communicate about any subjects relating to current events, politics, economy, global warming, entertainment…this is the kind of perfection a guy can have. But Sho-kun is really perfect. I really would like to have someone like him as a husband.

Since I am so young now, just 22 and far from being 35 to be married…. I will then choose the BF type as Tegoshi!

Kareshi to Koibito.
Tegoshi to Sakurai Sho!

angelofdevotion deshita!


About angelofdevotion

Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


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