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The ideals 2008

You know one always have an ideal type in mind.
Is the Ideal type……..always the person you find and love????
My ideal type must more or less be similar to me! Shares my interests and values….

Here I go.

1) My Ideal guy need to have a degree from a prestige uni, and has pretty good grades.

2) He needs to be able to discuss in intellectual conversations on current events, politics, philosophy and also have his opinions on certain large topics (life, love, humanity, equality, human rights), and also be able to discuss in entertainment issues and TV. Too much politics is too boring, and too much TV is too nonsensical.

3) It will be great if he is romantic, so we can have romanticist’s battles… I am a self-proclaim romanticist, I do need someone to challenge me and be my rival!

4) Someone who speaks more than their native language. I speak four. I am fluent in two, could communicate in one bascially, and another language in the process of learning.

5) Could sing, dance and loves Karaoke. I would love my dates to have loads of karaoke!

6) Is fashionable. I cannot stand being with a guy without any sense of fashion. I rather be a lesbian. (in fact, i am so close to being one. I still have doubts if I am into androgynous people. Both feminine boys and masculine girls..)

7) Give me my space too! I don’t have to spend the whole day sticking myself to one person. I have my life so well, I write, I draw and I create meaning to my life. I don’t want to dedicate my entire life for just one person.

8 ) Likes to read my poems, blog, novels… whatever. I would love the person who inspires me to read my writings!!!

9) is creative. He doesn’t always need to give me surprises, but then I think being creative and having a sense of humour will brighten up my days.

10 ) Doesn’t prevent me from fangirling and being a fujoshi.

11) We spoil one another. I like to be pampered to… and sometimes.. I would like to be spoiled. But not too often!

12) Take me to amusement parks! and we can have a “who is a scaredy cat” competition in the haunted house!

13) Is a quick thinker and help me to make decisions too.. I can make my own, but I will need some consult.

14) Must be an Asian.

15) Treat me as an equal! we have things that we can be more superior than one another. I might suck at soccer, and maths. But i am good in literature, writing and….social studies. So don’t step over me and put me as a housewife! I didnt get a goddamn degree and aim to a PhD to be a housewife!

This are just the 15 qualities I want from him!
Actually… It is much more of a crossover between Sakurai sho and Tegoshi Yuya.

Sho-chan has all the qualities apart from him being romantic……but he is Mr. Perfect for me…….
Tegoshi is my ideal boyfriend, who has a bit of a immature behaviour, but he is smart too.. He just gotta not be too superior in front of me. Cause i am just like you Tegoshi, I am competitive but I do not bitch. I respect everyone’s talents!

Eva’s Mr. Perfect Sakurai Sho (Ideal guy= husband) To me…. I don’t consider him as an idol…
I consider him as…. someone who I will settle down with…. Someone like him…


Eva’s Ideal boyfriend…. someone who I worship… Someone who can inspire me…
Romantic…..Likes to spoil and be spoiled… This is the kind of guy my knees will go weak for…
Godly like…. and since he is intelligent and fashionable… That is too great!

I just have to wait for 3 years before I could really say if the Ideal Boyfriend will be my Ideal Guy like Sho-chan!

angelofdevotion deshita!


About angelofdevotion

Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!



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