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After the 3 weeks for Japanese language schooling.. I have to say I really enjoy every minute of it~ いま、私の日本語わまだじょうずです。せんしゅひらがなとぶんぽテツトをしました。 And I got like 95% and 97%!!!! haha So now, I would be able to write fanletters in Japanese! Won’t it be awesome? 手越くんために。。わたしわあきめないよ! Advertisements

Once one person grows up and started to step into the world, they will always experienced different kind of people….those who blends in perfectly with others, those who stands out but still be able to cope with others… and those who speak without concerning about what others might feel or think. But then it comes … Continue reading

Updates on my Japanese class

I havent updated for so long! That is because my Japanese classes have started and I have no time to update or even to fool around on net at all! I have so much “しょくだい” でもだいじょうぶね It will train me in practising my Japanese! My classmates are actually really nice too. Lucky me. The first week … Continue reading

I watched this emotional episode of Junjou Romantica, I sure know that the next episode is much more tense and angsty….I myself have written this really angsty BL short story too.. Actually, I don;t really like love stories between men and women and their several love squares, but somehow, I am drawn into several triangles, … Continue reading

My date with my darling

Today I went to J Avenue and have a lunch with Praew!!!!!!! I really enjoy the nice conversations we have though! It is indeed fun to have a nice meeting with my loveliest friend. I think by meeting friends, we are being able to discover new parts of them while we were apart. Praew will … Continue reading

“When the person is no more, the memory becomes so dear”

I read this line from the Genji Monogatari, and it really touched me. I think this line is really accurate. When someone leaves the world, people tend to cry and weep over her short life, but when she is still living, no one really cares how one feels and kept one being unaware of their … Continue reading

First post of 2009

I felt sick last two days, I was food poisoned but I dont even know what I ate (cause I supposed to eat alot) that caused me to be so dizzy and had to vomit all that I ate! But I am alright now! I just need to go to fitness tomorrow! I really need … Continue reading

Protected: Last post to 2009!!!

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