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Once one person grows up and started to step into the world, they will always experienced different kind of people….those who blends in perfectly with others, those who stands out but still be able to cope with others… and those who speak without concerning about what others might feel or think.
But then it comes back to one question. How do you present yourself to others to make yourself be liked?
Sometimes, less is more. You speak less, you might be viewed as a smarter person, and when one insults things you do not agree with, you should rather end the conversation in order to keep the bond without much hatred.
No matter how much you like a person, it is right to defend against him, yet you don’t create a battle between that person, by insulting the things they like. Cause arguments may just be as horrible and nonsensical.

So you may ask. How do I defend against those who kept on insulting Tegoshi because they like some other member more than him?
I want to insult them back, but then it brings to nothing. Tegoshi is not gonna be there to hear my arguments, no need for it. I learn to let it go. Its not like Tegoshi will help boost the economy and peace of the world, he will help me get my inspiration and I am being so devoted to Tesshi, so I dont really care people dont like him for being….feminine. I like him because I find the talent in him, and no matter which side he leans to, I will like him anyway.
Not that I lean to the right side myself. I lean NOT to the side of loving girls, but I like boys who seems to lean to the middle lane. But don;t feminine boys are more ……attractive.
Arnold Schwarzengger or Jude Law?
Some Sumo dude or Tegoshi Yuya?
Feminine boys are more attractive, and so I would say, I like them, and would be single for live if I did not have a guy who at least have feminine touch in him. I have a touch of masculinity too. I do martial arts, and Kinda… S at times. so, I guess…. i need a guys femininity to make me whole!

Anyway…. gotta go I have class tomorrow!
Jaa Ne


About angelofdevotion

Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


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