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I am in the stage of depression right now. I know i have almost everything in the world…. but something really bothers me, and I really don’t know what it is… Maybe it is the project work that i am stress about… Or those -nakerebanarimasen things bothers me…. its so confusing… or maybe it is … Continue reading

Gender roles……who makes them?

Have you ever wondered who made the rules for these gender roles? Who set the rules that women should be the one at home… and men to go out there to work? Who sets the rules that men should be masculine and not care about their looks. Who sets the rules the women should be … Continue reading

J-Horror female ghosts totally rocks

I have been reading this really good book called, “J Horror, the definitive guide to the ——–” and I really think the author has a great perspective of viewing things. There are alot I would say I agree with his arguments, and the similarities of Asian horrors does not always links back to J Horror. … Continue reading

Welcome to Heartbreak Club.

Yes, Tegoshi Yuya. I meant you. I read from uwasako’s livejournal on how Tegoshi and Becky might be dating and all, and then boom! another news came over and said how Tesshi was rejected and is still in a state of…….sadness and welcome to heartbreak club. Well, honey, this is life. Your prettiness does not … Continue reading

The Experience of my first Japanese Exam

So I ended up making a few mistakes that i know I have made, yet i think i am likely to not get less than an A -. OMG, I did loads of BSing in the interview part, but haha…I guess I was kinda fluent at some point. hohoho anyway….. something deep Well, I think … Continue reading

Over-rating Valentine

And so, My Friday the 13th went really well…. Jason didn;t find me, so I was rather upset. Though I could order him who to slay that night. I scared Freddy off when i met him in the nightmare, and then I went on watching comedy movies like Bloody Valentine, Saw, Halloween, Friday the 13th, … Continue reading

Feb Rants

On the train every single morning on weekdays, I have thoughts flowing though me. Watching the people around me standing and squeezing  on to one another  like sushi in a bento box, If i have the power to read their minds, I would actually be so troubled…. There are still loads of strange people on … Continue reading

Earth to Eva-chan!!!

Sometimes in life, one needs to step away from imaginations and bring feet back to reality. That is something I find hard to do. My mind often snapped so far off reality, that I want to get back on track. I think meeting more people makes me feel insecure and I really love the person … Continue reading

This is my second entry for the day. How happy. I managed to squeeze out my inspiration abit when they have all been dried up by my busy days. Honestly, I just hope my world involves a few people……so there would be less troubles. As for love… I wonder If i would ever will eventually … Continue reading

Eva’s Power “Cha-ju”

I have been going to the gym so often that my body has been so used to the pain of muscles (or fat) soring…I feel so sadistic…. why spend like nearly a hundred thousand to get our bodies tortured??? HAHA. But i had fun so far… at least I dont need to go out in … Continue reading