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Eva’s Power “Cha-ju”

I have been going to the gym so often that my body has been so used to the pain of muscles (or fat) soring…I feel so sadistic…. why spend like nearly a hundred thousand to get our bodies tortured???
HAHA. But i had fun so far… at least I dont need to go out in the sun, i am happy enough,.

In my high school days. I was the PE skipper. The outcast and loner who does not, and hardly belongs to any world at all. I have my own individuality since was really young, so my personality is too eccentric and strange for people….I would say I am rather a bit full of myself but then you know, i have been educated for so so long, meet kinds of people, so i am rather experienced just by observing random people. And yet, I still do not belong to a world now.
This is why I always wanted to go back to 2007 where i found a place where i could belong. That is those JAL friends of mine who finds me strange but they accepts the strangeness in me, and that is why I treasure them alot.

Very much unlike High school, I can hardly find a place where i could belong. I could only find individuals, but still too eccentric…..In University, again, I am an individual and I am pretty much hanging out with one or four pals…..and one lover…(Oops…. not a lover as in…lover. Someone who really love as a friend…..)

Right now, being brought out from my individualist world in Australia where i had so much inspiration and great ideas flowing, I am in a mental stage where i need to express. I do not belong to this world again, and should i shut myself in the world of my own just like high school again?
I think i am too mature to do that now.
the world won;t be long before i leave an enter a new world where i might either find a another place where i could blend into without changing my individuality, or where i could, like in sydney.

So then, what would be there for me,
for me to choose….


About angelofdevotion

Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


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